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Linda Coleman

Linda Coleman

I could hardly forget the day when my wedding was just a month away and I was crestfallen with a face full of irritating acne.

It’s not like that I never had acne ever in my life earlier. I usually had pimples in my teens that used to disappear after a week or two. But the timing of these facial eruptions was so wrong

I was just a few days away from the best day of my life and there I was devoting my time in supermarkets spending my hard earned money on skin care products.

With timely suggestion from my sister I was able to look ravishing on my wedding day. My husband Dan could hardly take his eyes away from my face. I felt and looked radiant. Till this day I thank my sister for saving me and making me the best thing to happen in my married life (as Dan says).

After two years when I was expecting my daughter, I again had the same acne issue but this time it was topped up by black heads and pigmentation. Again my sister came to my rescue and guided me back to my prettiest best within a month.

This was the time when I realized that there could be countless women and girls like me who are facing skin issues but may not get the right advice like I did. So, my own experience encouraged me to help others.

I always felt a need to know about the skin care products that I wished to buy. I wished that someone with my skin type, who has tried the product, should share her experience with me so that I could buy the product with a deeper faith.

In short, I decided to create www.skincarevitals.com just for people like me who want to know what they are buying in the name of skin care products.

How necessary it is to pick the right product?

When it comes to your skin you have a right to pick up the best in your budget. And for this to happen you must be well informed about the products you have shortlisted. As a woman I know that moving through aisles of skin care products of promising brands to get the right ones could really be an immense task.

This is where we come into picture because we intend to let you feel glowing, pretty and confident in your own skin.

I now work with my sister on this theme and together we try really hard to offer you the best source of skincare product information. We have many volunteers and a well-equipped lab to test the skincare products. This is what we do just for your skin:

We carefully select the best skin care products according to the skin types.

We buy the products just like you do to make sure that we test and examine those products that you get in the market. We never ask the brands for samples.

Our technical reviewers conduct elaborate tests and examinations on the skin care products both in the lab and with the volunteers. We carefully assess the products on ingredients, impact on skin, the duration in which you are able to see a difference, ease of application and side effects.

We recommend the products on the basis of skin type, their pros and cons.

We do our best to give you elaborate information to handle the skin problems that may bother you. We also try to help you out by replying to your queries about certain products you ask about.

We look forward to your precious feedback and advice just to know that we are moving in the right direction. Let us know what is good about us and where we are lacking, by dropping a comment.

We would also love to share your experience with skincare products of your choice. It will indeed be a great help to us and other people.

Thanks and Welcome!