The Best Setting Powders For Oily Skin

The Best Setting Powders For Oily Skin

The Best Setting Powders For Oily Skin

2018’S Reviews Of Best Setting Powders For Oily Skin


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Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder


Coty Airspun Loose Setting Powder


Cover FX Translucent Setting Powder


DermaBlend Professionals Loose Setting Powder


NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

When you have oily skin, certain areas of your face may look dull and irritated. Makeup won’t stay put up for too long and can be a challenge.

This is why you need to get the right setting powders for oily skin. Regardless of your daily routine and work schedules, a good setting powder can give your face a flawless finish and will ensure that the makeup does not crease or fade away within hours.

While searching for the best setting powders for oily skin, you can get variations like loose and pressed setting powders. 

The difference is fairly simple – loose powder is long recommended for oily skin and tends to absorb excess oil and leaves the skin with a flawless finish, while pressed powder is made from heavier formulae and can be messier to apply.

The pressed powders are great for on-the-go touch-ups and feature more oil in comparison to loose powder. 

Take A Look At Our Range Of Best Setting Powders For Oily Skin

Setting powders is a gateway to the best powders that will revolutionize your everyday routine. 

You can get them in a wide range of choices like translucent and tinted. A great translucent powder can prove valuable in getting that perfect glow and keeping the oiliness out of the way. 

They can provide an even complexion and eliminate redness, which is one of the major concerns of an oily skin.

They can lock the pigments inside and offers a great oomph for a longer wear. You can also carry it along for touch-ups throughout the day and eliminate oil while keeping the shine at bay. 

This Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder is a great product for oily and combination skin. It will offer a brightening glow, even on the oily areas of the face and will give you a photo shoot ready look that will last all day long.

The Coty Airspun Loose Setting Powder has been around for generations and is still one of the best loose setting powders in the market. It is available in large quantities and gives you a smooth and matte finish for long hours.

The Cover FX Translucent Setting Powder is one of the best in the market. It is available in a classy package and the fine powder stays on top of the makeup for long hours. It absorbs all the oil and keep the shine at bay.

This DermaBlend Professionals Loose Setting Powder is a vegan-friendly product that allows you to maintain a shine-free look all day. This translucent powder is great for makeup and finishing touches.

This NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder is available with unique technologies that reflect and diffuses the light from different angles all day long. It will make you photo ready within minutes and will let the makeup stay on for long hours.

#1 Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

If you love glowing and dewy skin all day long, then this Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder is the one for you!

It is a setting powder that will run your days from subtle working hours to glittering nights. An everyday makeup routine usually consists of three to four products.

Benefits of a setting powder are often underrated. Many silently battle with oily skin, especially in the T-zone area.

Laura Mercier will snatch your oiliness and you’ll never look back. It is also great if you suffer from a combination skin.

It is dry on the cheeks and oily around the nose. This product will eliminate all the extra shine and will offer a flawless matte finish.

You can get this loose setting powder in travel pack and your skin will look bright instantly. It also manages to highlight your best features in the right places.

This is also an amazing product for a photo shoot. It will offer a perfect coverage that won’t wear off for the entire day.

You can apply it individually or add a coat on top of your makeup. Either way, your skin will look flawless.

You can use this product as a setting powder, which is used after foundation. You can use this daily, as a “final touch up” for your makeup.

It will absorb all the excess oil and will take away the slight sheen that most liquid foundations tend to leave behind. Another great use of this product is that of a finishing powder.

You can choose not to use this every day, and apply for special events like wedding and photo shoot. This will offer an HD finish that cameras will love!

This amazing loose setting powder will deliver the best finish that you will love and never want to give up.

When you have oily skin, all you can think off is to remove it. The oils can become a problem when you have heavy makeup on and it starts to slide off due to excess oiliness.

Things We Liked

  • The powder is light and will set perfectly on your skin.
  • It won’t leave a residue behind after application.
  • The powder doesn’t have a tacky “talc” smell.
  • The powder will feel weightless.
  • thumbs-up
    It comes in different packaging size.

Things We Din't Like

  • It is expensive for daily use.
  • The applicator that comes with the package is not the best.

#2 Coty Airspun Loose Setting Powder

Coty Airspun Loose Setting Powder

This makeup brand Coty Airspun offers an incredible product that will set your oily skin problems aside.

Since 1935, this product has been around and become a huge part of their every day lives.

This is a beautiful tradition that has been passed down by mothers for a generation as a part of great beauty ritual.

Regardless of the liquid foundation that you use, this translucent setting powder will conquer all. This will give you a flawless HD finish without becoming a huge mess.

A great finishing powder is supposed to glide smoothly on the face and make foundation long lasting.

This Coty Airspun powder does that while keeping the oiliness away! This powder will set evenly on the skin and will reflect light better.

You can see a nice glow that will not diffuse with time. Oily and combination skin should go forward with a translucent powder that will keep the oil at bay.

Foundation tends to make the skin darker in certain areas of the face during the day.

Apart from applying this wonderful product with a brush, you can also use this in airbrushing.

The loose powder with fine bristles will work wonders for any skin, especially oily ones. You should concentrate patting onto the oiliest prone skin like nose, chin, and forehead.

The powder comes with an application pad, which might not always work out. Consider buying another applicator for this powder’s use.

It is more meant for travel use instead of everyday use. You should let it set for 10 minutes before brushing the excess off.

This way, it will get attached to the surface completely and will offer more protection against oiliness.

You can also mix this up with other face powders and create a smooth porcelain surface. It features a micro spin formula that allows the loose particles to spun and swirl like a cloud of softness. It can hide tiny marks, blemishes, and wrinkles with ease.

Things We Liked

  • It has a milled finer loose powder.
  • It keeps the foundation set all day.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It has a high-quality ingredient that has not changed for generations.
  • thumbs-up
    It does not dry out the skin.
  • thumbs-up
    There is no irritation.
  • thumbs-up
    It has a nice smell.
  • thumbs-up
    The quantity of this product is generous.

Things We Din't Like

  • The applicator is not the best.
  • It is available in only one package size.

#3 Cover FX Translucent Setting Powder

Cover FX Translucent Setting Powder

This is a face powder that is ultra-translucent and will set your makeup for all day long. It also imparts a soft focus and an airbrushed finish.

It minimizes the foundation’s sheen effect without adding too much colour on top of your foundation.

It is formulated with light-diffusing elements that will smooth and blur your skin. It will perfectly airbrush your face without making your face seem chalky and dry.

The translucent finish features universal shades that are ideal for all skin tones. Simply dip powder brush into the powder, get rid of the excess by tapping, and gently sweep across the face to set the makeup.

You can also use a beauty blender or a sponge to set the product on your foundation and concealer.

The product comes with a sturdy plastic tub that looks very classy. The metallic silver cap has the brand’s name printed on the top.

You can control the amount of product you use by using the sifter attached to the package. The powder is finely milled and will give your skin a flawless finish.

It will never appear cakey or dry, and you are under eye area won’t seem chalky. This product will also absorb all the oils on your face and will keep them at bay.

The most common problems with oily skin and makeup are the chalkiness that appears during the day around areas of the face like nose, chin, under eyes and forehead.

This product will not only absorb the oils but will also not appear chalky, even in front of the highly flashed camera.

You can choose to wear this every day, with or without baking, or simply go for it during special events like wedding and photo shoot.

You can also use this for work or mix it up with other loose powder to create a perfect blend.

Things We Liked

  • It has a very smooth and buttery finish and texture.
  • It delivers a great matte finish that will last longer.
  • It does not cling to the dry patches of the face.
  • It won’t exaggerate the fine lines and wrinkles.
  • thumbs-up
    It comes in different packaging sizes.
  • thumbs-up
    It also comes in travel-friendly packaging.
  • thumbs-up
    It does not clog the pores or make them more visible.

Things We Din't Like

  • If under eyes are not properly hydrated, the thing might not work.
  • It is expensive as compared to the quantity.

# 4 Dermablend Professional Loose Setting Powder

DermaBlend Professionals Loose Setting Powder

If you’re searching for a loose setting powder for oily skin that will work all day long, then this Dermablend Professional product is the one for you!

This is an item that contains both concealer and foundation formulae, along with offering a matte finish.

This product is available in a classy glass frame with Dermablend printed on the front. It is available in three amazing shades and the finishing powder sets perfectly on the face.

It will fight the oils for up to 16 hours of consistent wear and the fragrance-free option is also delightful.

This loose setting powder promises to offer a smooth and matte finish that will hide your flaws and will make you brighter and younger with each stroke.

This is also a cool way to set your makeup for the day or you can use it on top of moisturizer to get a subtle look. You can also pick tones that will give you a natural-looking bronzer look.

The shades are available for skin tones with fair to medium shades. It is also smudge resistant and offers a matte finish to the complexion for a long day ahead.

This product is also fragrance-free and paraben-free, which means that it will give your face a finished look without adding chemicals.

This will also protect sensitive skin from getting more irritated and prone to acne.

From Cool Beige to Warm Saffron, you can enjoy a setting powder that will give you an oil-free look all day long.

It promises to lock in foundation and concealer for up to 16 hours. It is a great product for setting makeup, baking, and a finishing powder.

It is tested by dermatologists for all skin types and has a charming quality of being vegan-friendly.

It is also tested for sensitive skin, to create a product for people with all skin types, especially oily skin.

Things We Liked

  • It is smudge-resistant.
  • It offers a matte effect on the skin.
  • It can set makeup for 16 hours.
  • It can keep the oils at bay for all day long.
  • thumbs-up
    It is fragrance-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free.
  • thumbs-up
    It is great for baking, finishing powder, and setting makeup.
  • thumbs-up
    Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin test it.
  • thumbs-up
    It is vegan-friendly.
  • thumbs-up
    It dries in 2-3 minutes.

Things We Din't Like

  • Packaging is not high quality.
  • No applicator available.
  • thumbs-down
    Difficult to extract the product from the container.

# 5 NARS Translucent Setting Powder

NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

This NARS loose setting powder is a weightless and translucent powder for all skin tones that will create a matte finish and offers a luminous glow in any light.

This is a setting powder that is designed to enhance the look of foundation without any trace of colour, which extends the makeup wear.

It has a Light Reflecting Complex technique that optimizes the reflection of light on the skin. It is a silky powder that is infused with an amazing Photochromic Technology, which adjusts to new light sources and diffuses light all day long. It is luxurious to touch and undetectable on the skin.

This weightless formula is applied evenly and blends effortlessly throughout the skin. It helps guard against dryness and keeps the skin comfortable all day long.

It is also a great product for touch-ups and regulates the oils of the skin throughout the day. It is a microfine powder that is infused with glycerin and antioxidant Vitamin E, which helps fight oiliness and dryness all day long.

It is also fragrance-free and paraben-free, which adds more value to the product.

Use a simple brush and dip it into the powder. Tap off the excess product and apply on the face with circular motion.

Start from the centre of the face, which is most prone to oiliness and work your way out until completely blended.​

If you’re using a puff, then dip it in the powder and tap the excess powder. Apply by pressing and rolling the puff with equal pressure all over the face.​

You can apply this product over foundation or a simple moisturizer, to get the desired result.

This will help give you make up a long stay and will absorb all the oils, which makes the foundation shiny.

The ultra-matte finish is the best way to create a great makeup look for long duration throughout the day.

Things We Liked

  • It is a weightless and translucent powder.
  • It offers a natural and luminous finish.
  • It keeps the shine and oils at bay.
  • It is completely invisible on the skin.
  • thumbs-up
    It is comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • thumbs-up
    It is great for all skin tones.
  • thumbs-up
    It is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic.

Things We Din't Like

  • It is a little messy to apply.
  • It is not travel-friendly.

Benefits Of Using Loose Setting Powder

Setting powders are the one that will offer you an oil-free solution for all day long makeup look.

If your budget is looking for a multi-purpose beauty product, then the loose powder is the one!

This is a makeup staple that will add freshness and oil-free features to your face. You can get loose setting powder in various shades like translucent, bronze, and others.

Here are a few benefits of using loose setting powder:

Wear it Alone

You can wear this powder over moisturizer for days when you’re not that into makeup.

It will still keep your oils at bay while giving you a flawless finish.

Apply generously on the T-zone area and enjoy the benefits.

Setting Foundation

After applying your complete makeup routine, you can seal the contents with this powder.

It will help your makeup stay in place for long hours and will control oil while keeping your face shine-free.

Eye Shadow Primer

You can apply it over your lids before applying eyeshadows and enjoy longer lasting makeup look.

It will also prevent the product from sliding off your eyelid and onto your face.

Plump Lashes

Before applying mascara, you can dust your lashes with this powder.​

It will help you get the desired fluffiness and volume of the lashes.

Reviews And Comparisons Of Best Loose Powders For Oily Skin


Best Overall

2nd Choice

3rd Choice

4th Choice

5th Choice

Top Rated Essential Oils for Deep Wrinkles

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
Coty Airspun Loose Setting Powder
DermaBlend Professionals Loose Setting Powder
Cover FX Translucent Setting Powder
NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder


Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Coty Airspun Loose Setting Powder

DermaBlend Professionals Loose Setting Powder

Cover FX Translucent Setting Powder

NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder


1 Oz

2.3 Oz

1 Oz

.14 Oz

1 Oz

​​Oil Control






​Long Stay

​Get Started


Loose setting powders are a boon for oily and combination skin. They are best known for a matte finish and beautiful, smooth touch.

They will not only help keep your foundation in place for longer but will also keep the oils at bay. The oiliness of the face is one of the major issues that women deal with on a regular basis.

With or without makeup, this product will help you fight oil production and keep a smooth finish all day long.

The Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder is our best pick for loose setting powders for oily skin. This product is tested and trusted by millions of women all over the world.

With great customer reviews and results, this loose setting powder is affordable and easy-to-use.

You can apply this fine micro-powder all over the face for a perfect matte finish and fight signs of oiliness all day long.

Add loose setting powder in your beauty products and relish in the glory of beautiful and flawless skin.

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