Blackheads That Wont Go Away - How To Treat Them Guide

Blackheads That Wont Go Away – How To Treat Them Guide

​Have you ever tried to pinch out the blackheads on your nose? I have tried but failed to get rid of them. Rather it is quite common for all of us to do the same. Though they would come back after some time, it a very common habit to squeeze them out.

​Recently I read it in a magazine and it left me in complete surprise that what we squeeze out is not blackheads but the pores. Tiny Sebaceous filaments are mistaken as blackheads as they are similar in appearance.

To satisfy my curiosity I further researched to know how to deal with deep blackhead that never goes away. Here I am sharing all my experience that I have gathered in the past years.

​Sebaceous filaments

​The Sebaceous filaments are common to occur even if the skin is clear and healthy. People with acne prone skin face the problem of big and prominent blackheads compared to pimple-less people.

Do blackheads go away with age? I have read in various articles and blogs and came to know that blackheads can last for a month or two or even more. This is a routine threat to every skin type and the reason for this condition is the dead skin cells and other dirt particles that get deposited on the surface of our skin especially face.

​It can further be said that blackheads never go voluntarily. You need to take special care and follow strict treatment of skin to deal with this. Therefore, the time when they will disappear would depend on the treatment to which they are subjected and how severe the blackhead condition is. If the blackheads are left untreated, they would never leave.

One of the common ways to get rid of them is to exfoliate the skin. As there is no specific cure to get rid of blackheads, it is better to try out some home remedies and wait till they start to disappear. But they never disappear completely.

​Some precautionary measures

​With a lot of blackheads on nose, checks, and forehand, they look more prominent on a fair complexion, and they can stay forever. Many people and even dermatologists claim that it is not possible to get rid of them completely.

With continuous use of a glycolic acid based skin products, blackheads start to disappear. With regular usage, there is a chance that the blackheads disappear in about two months or so. All I can say is that you can reduce the count of blackheads and they would disappear slowly with your sincere effort. You should never expect them to disappear overnight or in a fortnight.

​Sebaceous Filaments and Blackheads

​To treat blackheads that won't go away, it is better to know about the cause first. Then you can understand about the required treatment that would help to reduce its intensity. Having blackheads is not inevitable. It depends on the nature of your skin. Many skin types are prone to growth of Sebaceous Filaments with a blackhead and people take them as blackheads.

They can occur on dry skin or oily skin. The sole difference between blackheads and these filaments is that the filaments are more frequent on oily skin type. The filaments appear like a small dot occurring on nose, chin, upper chin and forehead. Irrespective of the skin complexion, the filaments are little lighter compared to blackheads. I found it surprising that the filaments grow without any specific reasons.

Similar to that of the blackheads, they are a never-ending process and continue to grow without any provocation or reason. Even after trying hard to get rid of the filaments, they appear within 15 days or a month.

How to remove the filaments?

By undertaking exfoliating treatment and applying such products, the sebaceous filaments can be reduced visibly but it cannot be eradicated completely. Even after using a lot of noes strips and visiting your skin specialist, these filaments are tough ones that stay on.

One evident reason for it is that the oil glands in deeper skin layers are always producing oil and thus there is no way to get rid of these filaments completely.

As the blackheads keep refilling, it becomes annoying just like an unwanted guest. The blackheads stay open and are exposed to air. Though blackheads can be treated easily compared to acne, both leave dark marks on skin.

I have tried to get rid of the blackheads that tend to come back often with the help of an extraction tool.

How necessary is it necessary to cleanse the blackheads?

Follow a daily cleansing routine and apply the cleanser twice every day. In addition to this, make sure to use the skin products that contain benzoyl peroxide.

Start at a slow pace and examine whether the skin is able to accept this treatment. When applying it, I make it a point to apply it in an upward circular motion after which it is necessary to clean the face with warm water and pat dry it with a clean and soft towel.

To treat the blackhead that won't go away even after proper extraction of the blackheads with the help of a skin expert, I started to go for regular exfoliation that actually help to unclog the pores and hence remove the blockages.

Other than this, when I am planning to get rid of the blackheads quickly, a pore cleansing strip can be used for surface cleaning of the blackheads.

I have also tried to avoid blackheads which are pretty difficult as they may end up in dark marks afterwards. Maintaining a healthy skincare routine would be of great help. It must include exfoliating as well as moisturizing.

In addition, I minimized using oil-based products on the skin that might result in clogging of the pores and blackheads.

Is it possible to reduce the size of the pores?

It is known that skin pores have a close relation with occurrence of acne and blackheads. The pores become larger as skin becomes oily with time. The larger the pores, more visible they will be impacting the looks of the person. Larger pores attract more dirt and so the blackheads tend to come back often.

​After exploring further, I came to know that pore size never reduces. With the help of a proper skin care routine, it is only possible to prevent the pores from becoming larger in size. I don’t have much faith on the products available on-shelf. So, it is only possible to prevent the pores to become larger.

​The final words

​The blackheads appear most commonly on the T-zone of your face and so are easily noticeable.  A common procedure to get rid of these is opting for a micro-needling treatment.

Laser treatments are also recommended to heat the skin surface underneath but it does not affect the top skin layer. Regular use of a good skin-friendly moisturizer actually helps to keep the dirt and oil away from the skin and thus preventing the growth of blackheads.

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