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Discover The Best Foundations For Oily Skin

Foundations And Their Role In Makeup

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It is impossible to imagine a beautiful makeup without foundation. It is the base for the rest of the makeup. It blends and meshes into the skin, giving natural and enhanced appearance. The first step of any type of facial makeup is to apply foundation. Foundations are available in various skin shades, ranging from dark brown to peach and rose, and the colors must be chosen according to the skin shade. For example, you cannot apply dark brown to white skin or vice versa.

Foundations are available in various formulas like powder, liquid, cream, cake etc. Irrespective of their forms, some of them are matte while some of them shimmer on the skin. Not all of them are suitable for oily skin.In order to choose the right foundation, one needs to select it to match skin factors like skin color, skin type, and skin condition. As single type of foundation does not suit every occasion, you need to choose them accordingly.

How Does A Foundation Formalized For Oily Skin Work?

When choosing a foundation based on skin type, the most challenging is for oily skin. If you do not choose the right one, the skin oozes oils after an hour or two, and the skin appears patchy. Therefore, it is important to choose the ones that are made especially for oily skin.

These foundations are oil-free and when applied, they absorb the excess oils released from the skin, and the appearance is still even and fresh.

Some Of The Best Foundations Suitable For Oily Skins

Many brands are available in the market, choosing faithful brand is very important to avoid skin disorders. Some of the best foundations from faithful brands, made especially for oily skin are mentioned below:

Stila Stay All Day Foundation And Concealer

This is an oil-free foundation that possesses high definition and great performance. The foundation stays all day on the skin, giving a flawless look. It is a foundation cum concealer that conceals dark blemishes on the skin. The product is made of unique oxygen technology and when applied, the skin is nourished and hydrated. The ingredients used in the manufacture help to avoid premature aging of the skin.

The formula blends into the skin to hide dark blemishes and spots, making the skin to appear in an even tone. The ingredients of the product enable the skin to breathe by delivering oxygen to the skin tissues. The botanical extracts involved in the formula help in stimulating the blood circulation.

The product also helps to prevent the skin from aging, and induces hydration. The accessories included in the kit are spatula and brush and, using by using these, the outcome of the makeup is even, oil-free, and flawless look.

BareMinerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation

This is one of the award winning product that gives a natural, enhanced and rich appearance. The product lasts its performance for about 8 hours. It is a creamy foundation that conceals the imperfections on the skin, while hydrating and delivering oxygen to the skin tissues.The formula of the product passed the clinical test and has proven to offer a clean, clear and healthy skin.

The cream blends easily into the skin, and does not appear patchy. In fact, the look is so natural that, if proper and suitable shade is chosen, the applicant does not feel the look of an artificial makeup. All the imperfections are concealed to give a natural matte appearance.

The ingredients used for the product are pure and promote many benefits like hydration, blood circulation and oxygen to the skin cells. The product does not have compounds that trouble sensitive skin or promote skin breakouts. The formula is free from preservatives, waxes, talc and oil. The cream has an SPF factor of 15, and thus protects the skin from harmful sun rays. Also, the makeup does not ooze oils when spending in hot sun.

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

This is a liquid foundation, whose formula is based on water and silicon. The product is one of the best among the available liquid foundations in the market. The liquid blends into the skin very easily, and does not appear patchy. As soon as it is applied, it covers all the blemishes, marks and spots, giving a plain and even skin tone.

Today, pigmentation has become a common issue for many people, and people who doesn’t like makeup are forced to use foundation to conceal the ugly marks. Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation is the best solution for such people. The makeup conceals all the marks while, being invisible. The skin tone appears even, without any patches or marks. The result matches the dream skin tone.

The product when applied like a thin layer on the skin, does not appear like a thin sheet or mask. The look is absolutely natural.The shades available for the product range from dark brown to fair, and the count is more than two dozen. Jar packaging is not available, and the product comes in a stylish and sleek pump bottle. The product is clinically proven to promote healthy skin, and is tested on animals.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation

This is one of the top foundations that works amazingly to blur blemishes and other skin imperfections. The cream does not settle into deep pores or fine lines or wrinkles on the skin.

It blends easily and smoothly into the skin to give a perfect tone.

The outlook result is smooth, even, rich and natural. The formula is made to be oil-free and absorbs excess sebum from the skin.

The product lasts its performance for more than eight hours and is light weight. It does not look heavy and gives a comfortable look even during hot climate.

Any big pores are also covered and the foundation smudges with the skin tone. Though it is oil-free, it does not dry the skin and gives a flawless look to feel confident in any occasion.

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation

This foundation is best for oily skins suffering from pigmentation. Pigmentation is the most common problem for many people, and sometimes embarrasses when among a group in the society.

This product is the perfect solution for such skin disorders. It exceptionally covers the marks and blemishes, to give a long-lasting, natural and matte finish.The product does not contain any parabens or synthetic fragrances or chemicals that irritate sensitive skin.

The product is best for oily skin, as it absorbs excess oil from the skin. It stimulates blood circulation and repairs skin tissues, making the skin healthy.

The finish of the product resembles healthy skin. When applied, the texture is velvety and smooth. The product does not dry the skin and hydrates it, while absorbing excess oil.

Different Types Of Foundation For Oily Skin

 Foundations are available to suit based on certain skin factors like skin type, skin condition, skin disorders etc. They are formulized in various forms like powder, liquid, cake, cream, mousse etc.For oily skin, you can foundation in various forms. These are made especially to suit oily skin and manage the excess oil during oozing.

Some of the various forms, made especially for oily skin are mentioned below:

Matte Foundation

Matte foundation gives best coverage on the skin, and when applied, it appears natural and even. The end result is dull and natural finish, without any artificial shimmer and the skin looks simple and elegant. Matte foundations are available for various skin types.

For oily skin, these foundations are specially made to be oil-free. When applied, they absorb excess oils from the skin, and maintains it appear fresh and non-greasy. The matte foundations from good brands give best coverage and lasts as long as 8 hours and more. T

hey contain ingredients that not only enhance outer beauty, but also work to repair skin tissues and rejuvenate skin. Also you can get water proof matte foundations made especially for oily skin. These foundations when applied are less messy during rains.

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is formalized to appear like a lotion, instead of a cream. These foundations need not be mixed with vanishing creams, and they can be applied directly on the skin. They blend very easily into the skin like a normal cream, and the application is very simple and non-messy.

For oily skins, these foundations are formalized with ingredients that absorb excess sebum from the skin. They just vanish into the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, supple and even tone. Working with this type of foundation is very easy for even a person who does not have much knowledge about makeup.

It does not dry the skin and the same time, does not grease it, thus balancing the moisture to make it appear clear and fresh.Mostly, they provide a coverage that ranges from sheer to medium.

Best liquid foundation for oily skin should possess the following properties:

  • check
    The feel of the makeup should be light in terms of texture and finish.
  • check
    It should be comfortably applied with finger tips.
  • check
    Absorb oil and prevent from being non-greasy for at least few hours.
  • check
    Cover wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes perfectly.
  • check
    Blend easily without appearing patchy.

Cream Foundation

Cream foundation is formalized to appear like a normal cream. It is generally thicker in consistency than the liquid foundation. It is not as dry as a powder or as wet as a liquid and the consistency is in between. These foundations can be mixed with vanishing creams to smudge smoothly and evenly into the skin.

For oily skin, this type of foundation contains ingredients that are oil-free and makes the skin look dry and fresh, though the skin oozes oils from insideInitially they might appear creamy or greasy. But, once it settles, it smudges with the skin to look natural.

The product from a good brand gives a matte and powdery finish and the coverage ranges from sheer to full. It is generally applied as a thin layer and choosing correct shade can appear absolutely natural. Maintenance is less and look is gorgeous.

Best Cream Foundation

A creamy foundation has a consistency is between a dry powder and a loose liquid. It blends easily into the skin and does not require any extra powder.

A best cream especially made for oily skin might appear oily in the beginning. But once it settles, the moisture slowly disappears, giving a perfect balanced look. Once applied, it might be difficult to identify the type of skin. At the same time, it will not appear artificial.

A good cream foundation for oily skin should possess the following properties:

  • check
    It should not require powder to set the makeup.
  • check
    Should conceal all the skin imperfections and give a clear skin tone.
  • check
    It should blend easily into the skin when applied with a sponge and brush.
  • check
    Should absorb excess sebum from the skin.
  • check
    Should act as a sunscreen.
  • check
    Should not appear heavy.
  • check
    Should be as light as a daily wear makeup.
  • check
    Should have wide range of coverage that vary from sheer to full.
  • check
    Should be available in skin shade that is natural and not artificial.

Best Powder Foundation

makeup foundations

A powder foundation appears like a normal face powder, but the shades are available in skin tones. The formula is dry to touch. This type of makeup is also called as mineral makeup and it contains pure pigment mixed with translucent powder base. It need not be mixed with any vanishing cream. Just a brush or sponge is enough to make it work.

This type of foundation is best suitable for oily mild to moderate oily skin. Generally, this type of foundation is best suitable for daily wear makeup as it looks natural only when applied lightly. If it is applied heavily, it greases and appears patchy at the end of the day. However, oil-free powders are not that messy.

These type of foundations, though made keeping oily skin in mind, are perfect for light daily wear makeups and is a kind of messy when applied for big occasions. They tend to ooze oil and appear patchy. Sometimes, they do not give a natural tone on wrinkled or aged skin.

Best powder foundation for oily skin should possess following qualities:

  • check
    It should be easily applied using brush or sponge.
  • check
    It should blur blemishes and give a natural look.
  • check
    It should not grease for long hours.
  • check
    It should contain ingredients that absorb excess oils from the skin.
  • check
    It should cover wrinkles and fine lines on aged skin.
  • check
    It shade ranges should appear natural.

Oil-Free Foundation

Choosing foundation for oily skin is really challenging. Wrong selection might lead to greasy and patchy appearance and instead of enhancing it degrade the beauty. Foundations are applied as base for makeup.

They are available in different formulas. For oily skin, the formula includes ingredients that act as oil absorbers. They go deep into the skin and form a thin mask that appears balanced and natural.

Best Oil-Free Foundation

Oil-free foundations are the best choice for oily skin, as they do not grease during sweat. The formula is so made to ensure that the skin does not dry. Because it is oil-free, it lasts for long hours, giving fresh finish.

Best Oil Free Foundations Should Possess Following Properties:

  • check
    Hydrate skin while appearing balanced, natural and fresh
  • check
    Should absorb excess oil from the skin.
  • check
    Should blend easily into the skin.
  • check
    Should blend easily into the skin.
  • check
    Should blend easily into the skin.
  • check
    Should not grease.
  • check
    Should have a flexible coverage.
  • check
    Should give a natural finish.
  • check
    Should not dry the skin.
  • check
    Should blur blemishes, scars and cover fine lines and wrinkles while giving natural finish.

Best Foundation Over 40

Skin starts aging and wrinkling from 40 and over. Oily skins over 40 are prone to acne, white heads, and black heads. Therefore, skin care must be taken to maintain healthy and glowing skin. Cosmetic companies offer foundations not only according to the skin type, but also according to the age. Tip - Have a look at the Product Review Section to find out the best products suited for your skin.

For those made to suit oily skin over 40, will include ingredients that helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and pigmentation. They work effectively in absorbing the excess moisture from the skin. Once the skin is over 40, the skin is prone to pigmentation.

Therefore, these type of foundations are made with ingredients that work to reduce pigmentation and work on balancing melanin production to give an even tone. Also, they contain pigments that are strong and heavy enough to cover the pigmentation marks, while giving a natural finish.

Best Foundation For Oily Skin Over 40 Should Possess Following Properties:

  • check
    Coverage should be flexible.
  • check
    Should cover wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes.
  • check
    Should cover pigmentation marks.
  • check
    Should absorb excess oil.
  • check
    Should not dry the skin.
  • check
    Should maintain natural finish even after long stay.
  • check
    Should not clog pores.

Best Over The Counter Foundation

Think twice before opting for over the counter foundations. If you are confident enough about the product, then you can go for it. For oily skin, be careful with the ingredients that might make things messy for you. Never get carried away by the ads and try them at the counter to see if it suits your oily skin.

Ensure that it is oil-free.Sometimes, there are instances that people get carried away by the brands but, over the counter foundations work much better than the branded ones. If you like it, try using the same, but getting similar model every time is not that easy.

Mousse Foundation

These type of foundations offer a perfect velvety matte finish and is very light. This type foundation when chosen to suit oily skin, gives a silky finish, a look that is suitable for big occasions.

It blends easily into the skin when applied with wet sponge. Once applied, do not forget to apply foundation powder of similar shade to finish the setting.The finish is natural and matte, and this type of foundation does not grease. Once applied, it stays for long hours, and does not clog pores.

Best Foundation For Oily Acne Prone Skin

Oily skin if not maintained, will be prone to acne. Therefore, choosing skin care products and skin decoration products must be done carefully. They should contain ingredients that contain zinc oxide as the main ingredient. Also, it should be formulized to be oil-free. Take care that the product is from a trusted brand.

One should remember that this type of skin needs light and thin layer of foundation for makeup. Also, the brushes should be light and feathery so that the application can be made comfortable. Else, the acne on the skin might be more irritable.

Here is my recommendation for the Top Foundation For Oily Acne Prone Skin

This Type Of Foundation Should Possess Following Properties:

  • check
    Should contain silicon-based ingredients.
  • check
    It should not contain ingredients like oils, parabens or sulphates.
  • check
    It should be non-cosmodogenic.
  • check
    It should not contain ingredients that can clog the pores like lauric acid, coconut butter, lanolin oil, isopropyl isostearate, isopropyl myristate or myristylmyristate.
  • check
    Should not dry the skin while absorbing excess oil.

Best foundation with spf

This type of foundation not only absorbs excess oil during sweat, but also protects from harmful sun rays. If the occasion is demanding to spend more time in the hot sun then, foundation with spf is the best choice. SPF means sun protection factor, and is available in various measures that range from 15 to more than 100.

Most of the spf foundations are made with oil-free ingredients as people choose them to protect from sweat and harmful rays from sun. The best part of this type of foundation is that, you need not apply sunscreen lotion separately. Also, the smell is not heavy like the traditional sunscreen lotions. It works both as a foundation and sunscreen.

Generally, sunscreens are greasy and oily. But, foundation with spf for oily skin is made to balance excess oil from the skin. For More Information Go Through Our Guide Section.

Best foundation for large pores and oily skin

Another type of skin disorder is large pores. Cured skin rashes, allergies or diseases like chicken pox etc. leave large pores on the skin. For this type of skin, coverage is very important. Also, such skin contains marks and scars left behind by the skin disorders. Managing such type of skin is really challenging. Cosmetic companies do offer best foundations to suit this type of skin.

For oily skin with large pores, the foundation should not only possess good coverage, but also balance the oil levels by absorbing excess oils from the skin. For this type of skin, you need to apply thick layers to cover the pores.

Therefore, these type of foundations are made to appear natural even after applying thick layer. Another important thing to note about this type of skin is that, the creams enter into the deep pores. Therefore, the foundation should be capable enough to not to clog the pores with dirt.

Foundation and powder for oily skin

Foundations are offered by the cosmetic market in various forms. The formulas are made to suit various skin types, skin conditions and skin disorders. For oily skin, both the foundation and powder should be oil-free. Some of them can be applied just as a base and need powder for proper setting. Whereas, some types of foundations do not need powder to set.

 It becomes fresh and balanced as soon as it settles on the skin while giving a natural finish.Choose foundation and powder, both formulized to be either a single product or two separate products, to be oil-free. If both of them are chosen as separate products then ensure that the shade is similar.

Choosing The Right Type Of Foundation

Without foundation, makeup is said to be incomplete. Foundations are available in different formulas and not every formula suits every skin type. Choosing foundation to suit oily skin is really challenging because, not all oily skins react the same way. Some oily skins are sensitive apart from being oily and this skin type is acne prone and contains blemishes.

Therefore, one needs to choose the type of foundation that best suits their skin. This article covers various types of foundations available for oily skin. Choose the one that best suits your skin characteristics. However, personal usage can help you choose the best type of formula to suit your oily skin.

Choose from best brand that contains oil-free ingredients and is non-comedogenic. Balancing excess oil to maintain the fresh and natural finish can be done only when one chooses right foundation to match the skin factors like skin type, skin condition and skin age.