Exposed Skin Care – A Detailed & Honest Review

Exposed Skin Care – A Detailed & Honest Review

Acne is one of the serious skin problems, experienced by many people. It damages the skin tissues, and leaves behind ugly scars, often damaging one’s self-respect. Today’s cosmetic industry is offering various products that promise to give you solution for acne. But, they do not guarantee you with results.

What Is Exposed Skin Care?

Exposed Skin Care is one of the best solutions for acne, and promises you with guaranteed results. This is a review article about the product. It concentrates on the benefits about the product, manufacturer’s promises and the real user’s reviews. You can analyse the information from both author’s and user’s point of view and decide if Exposed Skin Care is a smart solution for you or not.

What is Exposed Skin Care all about?

Exposed Skin Care is a formula for treating acne, a kind of skin disorder. After a sincere research on the cause for the problem, and after analysing the different types of factors that stimulate acne, skin experts like naturopaths, chemists, cosmetologists and dermatologists formulized a solution for acne.

These experts, specialized in their area of subject, chose ingredients that are mild, natural, chemical free, and effective. Harmful drugs and chemicals are avoided to suit even sensitive skin. Therefore, formula works to remove acne from the root levels, without any side effects.

Exposed Skin Care is a complete skin care system, that clears the pores and go deep inside the tissues to fight against the acne stimulating bacteria.The end result is a flawless, acne-free skin, with balanced sebum levels. Also, the results are permanent and prevent from future skin breakouts. The results are proven and guaranteed.

About the Author

​Exposed Skin Care is a complete skin care system, that works systematically to unclog the pores and work from deep inside the tissues to kill the acne causing bacteria.

A group of skin experts from various areas of subject like naturopaths, chemists, cosmetologists and dermatologists formed a group and formulized a solution for acne. These experts, specialized in their area of subject, chose ingredients that are mild, natural, chemical free, and effective.

How it works?

​Exposed Skin Care is a package of multiple products, each working its own way while attempting to treat acne in your skin. It is a systematic skin treatment, that works in a step-by-step process to first remove infection, clear the pores and then work at the root levels to diminish the acne stimulating factors.

Employed with scientific, natural and chemical-free ingredients, the Exposed Skin System formula fights to clear the clogged pores, destroy the acne causing bacteria, repair damaged skin tissues and restore to balance the sebum levels.

​The treatment is categorized into two parts:

​1. Day Treatment

Day treatment should be practiced during the day that helps you survive the acne affecting factors during your normal day schedule.

The treatment involves using the following products in a step by step procedure:

  • Facial Cleanser The first step is to clean your skin from dirt. This product is formulized to cleanse and detoxify your epidermis layer. Main ingredients include provitamin B5, sage extract and salicylic acid.
  • Clearing Tonic – Second step is exfoliate the dead skin and clear the clogged pores. Clearing tonic is composed of effective ingredients like sage extract, salicylic acid, aloe vera, passion flower and green tea extract. All the ingredients are formulized to work together to effectively remove dead skin cells, repair damaged skin tissues and balance pH levels.
  • Acne Treatment Serum Now that the pores are cleared, it is the time to enter into the skin through the cleared pores and work on acne stimulating factors present inside the skin. Acne Treatment Serum works to kill acne causing bacteria at the root levels. The product is formed with the combination of ingredients like tea tree oil, green tea extract and micronized BP.
  • checkClear Pore SerumThe last step is to repair and heal the treated skin tissues and rejuvenate the skin. Clear Pore Serum consists of ingredients like licorice root, salicylic acid and green tea extract that work together to effective clear the pores to remove black heads and white heads. They help in strengthening the bond between skin tissues to offer you with a healthy and glowing skin.

​2. Night Treatment

​As a part of night treatment, you only need to apply Clear Pore Serum before going to bed.


  • checkPerfect and effective treatment to work on acne and prevent future skin breakouts.
  • checkFormulized by skin experts specialized in various areas of subject and therefore, it is a beneficial formula from various aspects of skin affecting factors.
  • checkRestores pH balance levels in the skin to maintain the skin moisture.
  • checkApart from working on acne, it also helps to treat other skin disorders like scars, blemishes, pigmentation and effectively evens the skin tone.
  • checkOffers double guarantee to customers that if the product fails to provide solution within 30 days, you will be offered an unconditional one year money back guarantee.

What is inside the package?

​The package contains four products that should be used in a systematic manner to fight with acne at the root level. The products include facial cleanser, clearing tonic, acne treatment serum and clear pore serum. Also, it contains a user manual that guides you about using the product.

Customer Reviews

Exposed Skin Care - Customer Testimonial

With numerous positive feedback from the customers, it can be clearly understood that the product satisfied many customers. It contains ingredients that are formulized only after sincere effort of long research by skin experts from different areas of subject.

The customers are not only happy, but are also recommending the product to their friends, colleagues, near and dear ones. Though the product is a bit costlier than the other traditional acne treating products in the market, Skin Care Solution proved to be worthy for its price.

Final Report

​Skin Care Solution satisfied many customers who used the product. According to them, the product meets the promises made by the manufacturer.

Also, the company offers double guarantee offer that if the user does not find solution within 30 days, then an unconditional one year money back guarantee can be claimed.

So, why to wait for? You will be at no loss by using the product. If the product does not work for you, you claim the money back guarantee. But, if the product works for you, who can be happier than you in this world?

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