How To Hide Laugh Lines With Makeup – A Step By Step Guide

How To Hide Laugh Lines With Makeup – A Step By Step Guide

Hiding Laugh Lines With Makeup

Laugh line, also known as crow's feet is very inconveniencing. Unable to fight laugh lines make you feel low and it even adds to the stress. I find it an obstacle to a healthy lip look.

If you think you are the only one facing this problem, you are entirely wrong. According to sources - more than 60% of women suffer from this problem, at least once in their lifetime.

Laugh lines appear for many reasons such as - sun exposure, aging, smoking, genetics, poor health, etc.

Well, it is not possible to go against nature and reverse the process of aging. However, we can fight with the other reasons that cause laugh lines.

Laugh lines are visible when the person laughs. Repeated facial movements often result in laugh lines.

Although, it is impossible to get rid of them permanently - there are steps to delay, prevent or reduce them.

After plenty of research on this area, I understood that makeup could help us hide laugh lines to a great extent.

With an array of makeup products available, it is a daunting task to choose the right product.

Moreover, you must be well familiar with the makeup techniques to hide laugh lines successfully. 

Will Makeup Help Me Hide Laugh Lines?

You must be wondering - will makeup help in hiding laugh lines? 

From my experience, I would say - Yes. Make-up can help us mitigate the laugh line problem successfully.In this regard, several makeup artists and experts have made intense efforts to eliminate this issue.

Here we are emphasizing only on "makeup" because it is a less expensive method than medical procedures such as fillers, laser surgery, Botox, OTC creams, etc.

We all use creams and concealers on a regular basis to protect our skin from environmental damage and maintain its glow. Why not do some magic with it?

Once, I used concealer and noticed that the tiny wrinkles disappeared. After experimenting on several foundations, I can say with confidence that makeup can help you hide laugh lines.

You may think makeup is a tedious and daunting task. You can count on me when I say makeup is the time saving and fast way to hide laugh lines. 

The busy, hectic schedule makes us too tired to spend a lot of time in makeup. Although it may appear hard initially, you will feel comfortable once you are well acquainted with the step by step procedure.

Let’s get started with the step-by-step guide to hiding laugh lines with makeup. These steps are simple and hassle-free. All you need is little practice well stirred with patience.

Steps To Hide Laugh Lines With Makeup

You can fight laugh lines around your mouth through the right application of makeup. The makeup method shown here is less toxic and cheaper compared to medical procedures.

Step 1: Substitute For Make-Up Base

  • Start by applying a moisturizer or anti-wrinkle cream in the morning before your daily makeup.  You can try anti-wrinkle creams such as - Himalaya Herbals Anti-Wrinkle cream, St Botanica anti-aging cream, Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Anti-aging cream, etc.
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    You can substitute these creams for makeup base to prevent the occurrence of new laugh lines. Moreover, these creams protect your skin throughout the day from harsh climatic conditions and sun rays.
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    It is advised to spread the cream thoroughly to prevent creasing of the foundation. You can even use the same cream for makeup removal at night.

Step 2: Opt For Primer Potion

  • Now, the question is - “Why is it required”? It is a beauty blender that not only moisturizes the skin but helps you deal with uneven skin tone.
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    The name of this beauty hero is Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion. Please do not confuse with the title - as it is the multi-purpose product.
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    Primer Potion formula is ideal for deep laugh lines and those without it can go for any silicon base primer of your choice. The cream gently enters into lines and wrinkles without any need to pull the skin.

Step 3: Choose The Right Concealer

  • Choose a concealer with natural color and close to your complexion.  Remember your goal is to appear untouched by age. Apply soft cream concealers as it is beneficial for deep smile lines.
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    The one I selected based on skin type is the LA Girl Pro Concealer. You don’t believe - it did wonders! Dot it on your face and spread it generously with your index or ring finger to cover fine lines and wrinkles.
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    When applying concealer on eyes dab it in such a way that it enters the coats the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.  Lightweight concealers are perfect for blemishes. Remember that you must use a pointed brush that works wonderfully for your laugh line. 

Step 4: Go For A Light-Reflecting Foundation.

  • For those with too many fine lines, I found that light-reflecting foundation formulas work well.  The foundation you choose must include antioxidants, retinol, and peptides to add a glow to face and better decrease the appearance of laugh lines.
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    Again, I advise you to use moisturizing foundation for dry skin. To ensure the same, I usually look for hyaluronic acid and SPF to avail moisturizing benefits. SPF is a vital ingredient to prevent sun damage, which makes the smile lines more beautiful.
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    If your skin is dry, it is advised to avoid matte foundations. Matte ones accentuate the fine lines and will make you look older than your age.  Strictly prevent foundation with salicylic acid.   The satin-finish liquid foundation is best for dull and dry skin with deep smile lines.
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    It is always advised to apply foundation in dotting format. For dry skin, I would strictly say ‘NO’ to circular motion. Instead, use a sponge or tissue paper to dot the foundation on laugh lines.
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    The best tool for me is the "EcoTools Cruelty-Free Total Perf Blender Brush." So when you brush off, it blends across the face. An important tip for your eyes is to dab the foundation in upside down triangle shape. The technique I mentioned here will help avoid a cakey look.
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    You must be wondering, what about my oily skin?  You may go for foundations that give more coverage than CC cream. Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 is one such foundation that helps you get rid of laugh lines.
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    The other one with similar functionality is “Dermablend Flawless Creator Foundation Drops." It gives full coverage and blends easily without leaving creases. This concealer is suitable for any skin type to hide laugh lines. 

Step 5: Avoid Creasing

  • Apply fluffy brush to set the concealer and foundation correctly.  When the foundation creases and settles into the laugh lines, they appear prominent.
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    So, it is advised to use blotting powder to let the product sit on the face. This method of application gives a smoother feel and elegant look.
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    You should know that some of you with deep fine lines may not be satisfied with this step. So,  you can freshen up your face with a clean concealer brush to hide one or two lines in the end. 

Step 6: Lip Regeneration

  • Dry and damaged lips give an ugly look. Before you apply lipstick, always use regenerative lip base on lips and laugh lines.
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    If you re-apply the lipstick after a few hours -  make sure to apply the base again. It hydrates the lips and repairs the damage.  I also suggest using the Primer Potion to preserve the lipstick. Now, the question is - “How will you do this”?
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    Slightly feather the primer around your lips to conceal the lines and wrinkles around mouth and eyes. You can also use the same to preserve the eyeshadow.
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    After removing the makeup - you must apply anti-wrinkle serum for soft and supple skin. It moisturizes your skin and prevents the formation of the laugh lines. Practice this on a daily basis to avoid laugh lines.


Before we conclude here are some topics that you can go-through

​​​You can efficiently fight the cruel laugh lines by following the above steps. Before I conclude, I would like to summarize the steps to hide laugh lines with makeup.

Choose branded concealers and foundations to hide laugh lines. For deep smile lines, you can follow the same steps with a little extra layer of concealer or foundation depending on the need. 

Also, be mindful in selecting the right brushes and sponge to set the makeup correctly and avoid creasing into laugh lines. I have tried to simplify the steps for your convenience.

I hope you have understood the steps to hide laugh lines with makeup. If you want to share your experience of hiding laugh lines with make-up, leave your comments below!

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