How Long Does Cystic Acne Last and How To Shrink Them and More!

How Long Does Cystic Acne Last and How To Shrink Them and More!

How Long Does Cystic Acne Last And How To Shrink Them

Like every teenage girl, one of my closest friends had a traumatizing experience when she got the worst form of acne and pimples.

It all started with one or two simple acne but, it later turned into a condition where the pores of her facial skin started to block and turned into this severe skin condition called as cystic acne.

It is a worst form of acne condition that one can have. And, for my friend, it was nothing less than a nightmare.

She was so terrified and tried almost everything to treat it. Ultimately, all her hard work paid and she got rid of it.

But let me tell you, if not treated on time cystic acne skin condition can leave scars for life and can even lead to facial lumps as well.

 So, getting the right kind of treatment at the right time is very necessary in this condition.

What is Cystic Acne?

In order to treat or cure any kind of skin issue, it is very important to understand what it is, as it may appear like one thing and may be something else in the actual.

The basic factor which acted in my friend's favor is that she consulted a dermatologist at an initial stage and soon got to know about the rare skin problem that she had.

So, if you ever see that your acnes and pimples are not getting cured by various remedies, you must immediately go and see your dermatologist.

As defined by the dermatologists, cystic acne is a blemish that is rooted deeply under the surface layer of our skin. It is deeply embedded in the tissues of the facial skin.

Many doctors categorize it as an infection similar to one you get on your knees when you scrape it a lot.

There are large number of cysts which are apparently filled with some sort of fluids and they tend to form layers beneath the skin surface.

This finally takes the shape and name of a cystic acne. It is quite painful if you touch it. If you overlook this condition then a cystic acne or a pimple can last for a couple of weeks and may also leave scars behind.

Though the process of scarring is unpredictable as cystic acne involves collection of inflammatory materials.

One may get cystic acne on face, chest, back, but the main areas where you may get to see it the most is around the lower portion of your face, jawline or chin as well. Wherever it may be, it is always a daunting experience.

What Causes Cystic Acne?

Tip - Knowing the root cause of any health issue you are suffering from is very crucial and same theory applies to the skin as well. No matter what type of acne or pimple you have, try to know the root cause of it by discussing it with your doctor.

It is because knowing the root cause helps you to apply the right kind of remedy or have an apt treatment. Not having the right or full information may deteriorate the case further.

As far as cystic acne is concerned, there is a basic reasons behind its occurrence, though with acnes and pimples it is not easy to fathom the specific cause.

In females, the basic cause is the hormonal imbalance.

If your hormones are not in the right place, you may be victim of cystic acne. During your period, one may notice a surge in this condition as well.

Scientific reason - When the hormone of your body shift from usual, it tends to accelerate the function of oil-producing glands present in the facial skin. Any oil-gland can itself get swollen as it gets filled with the excess of oil produced, which gets hardened over a period of time. Now, our face has a number of oil glands like these, which means the probability of breakout and clogging of the pores is very high.

Here are some other reasons why you might get cystic acne:


In a study, it was found that one can get cystic acne owing to their diet. Your eating habits play a massive role in cyst formation.

Daily intake of certain types of food can cause inflammation leading to various skin issues. But, this is something which is to be figured out by you, yourself.

For example- with a few people cutting out dairy products helps a lot. Then for some people refraining from food which have high glycemic content helps a lot.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep and intake of lot of caffeine are other common causes of cystic acne.

They can also deteriorate the present condition of the cystic acne. So, try avoiding it.

Can You Pop Cystic Acne Like Pimples?

My mother has always warned me about not popping or picking any kind of acne or pimples.

It just spoils your skin further and increases the chances of scarring as well. Those scars last for a longer period of time.

The same theory applies to the cystic acne as well. No matter how sore your cystic acne is, don't ever pop them.

 It is a bad idea and won't help you in any way. It will only lead to some kind of infection.

 As explained by doctors, picking or popping cystic or any kind of acne is like working against the process of natural healing.

It will only make it worse. Your skin will be at a huge risk of getting scars and it will be similar to the situation of putting the fire out- but faster.

Tip - In case your cystic acne is sore and you are under pain, then instead of picking it, try taking Advil or soothe it with a pack of some ice cubes. It will definitely help you to get rid of the pain as well as inflammation. This in-turn helps to reduce the irritation caused due to these acnes

All in all picking or popping acne is never a good idea. All our mothers are right when they scold us about not touching pimples and acnes with bare/dirty hands.

Does Diet Affect Cystic Acne?

As mentioned above that one of the general causes of cystic acne can be your wrong diet or eating habits.

But, the basic information to catch here is that our body can respond to different food items in a different way.

Like dairy products can be very good in attaining a glowing skin for some, while it may worsen the skin problems for some.

Similarly, having food with high sugar content can accelerate the inflammation process resulting in the breakout of not only cysts but all kinds of acnes.

So, it is very important to understand your own body and observe as to what suits your skin type and what does not.

If you are able to find this out, minimize or discontinue the intake for the same. If for weeks you don't get a new cystic acne, then you have your answer and the root cause of the problem too.

Thus, your eating habits play a great role in deciding the fact that in how much time your cystic acne gets cured.

Generally, you should reduce the intake of cheese or ice creams if you have cystic acnes or any type of pimple.

It may be the main culprit behind the cystic breakout. Our body reacts immediately and excretes out the things that it doesn't agree with.

That is why when you have a lot of daily products and your stomach is unable to digest it properly then, it does come out in the form of cystic acnes or pimples.

Some people worry that they may have to cut out dairy products from their diet forever. But, that isn’t the case

Once your hormones are balanced and cystic acne is cured, you can slowly introduce the daily products back into your diet plan and see how much your body can take.

Once, you know your body tolerance, all the issues will be sorted.

How Long Does Cystic Acne Last and How to Shrink Them?

As I told about my friend and her experience with cystic acne. In total it took about a year or so in order to get fully rid of this skin problem.

Yes! It took her that long.

That is mainly because she got it when she was a teen-ager and like any other girl she thought it is just a normal pimple which would go away with time. But, days passed and her condition got worse.

My friend's mother finally realized that she needs to get her daughter to the dermatologist and along with it the use some natural/ home-made remedies to cure it.

If we talk in general, then cystic since acne can last for weeks and if you are suffering from breakout then it may last for months as well. It is sad, but these skins of skin issues which get down to your layers beneath your surface skin take time to heal.

You have to be extremely patient with them as if you hurry you may end up having more severe condition

Also, if your skin tissue are stretched form within or your picking habit leaves behind a scar then it may take more time to heal and get rid of the scar completely.

So, always try to refrain from doing any activity which might result in scarring, as it just worsens up your condition to many levels.

My friend was lucky that even after having such serious condition of cystic she didn't get any serious scars.

Whatever blemish she had, it all got away very easily with the cystic acne. And, all that happened as she was extra attentive to the do's and don’ts.

Natural Remedies to Shrink Cystic Acne and Get Rid of It

There is nothing better than going for natural remedies in order to cure and get rid of cystic acne, rather any kind of pimple.

The basic reason behind it is that you don't have to worry about the side effects of these remedies because there are none.

So, in a first go you must try to go with natural remedies only and if the condition get any better,then you can always consult a dermatologist.

Following are some natural remedies which if follows regularly can prove to be very helpful in treating cystic acne and get rid of it naturally-



Honey is a natural product which is found in almost every kitchen.

Apart from being used in food making progress, it proves to be very helpful in treating cold as well as skin problems.

Thus, it is a very good natural remedy which can be used to treat cystic acne owing to its antiviral and antiseptic property.

It is due to this property, it can prove to be very effective in killing the bacteria which causes cystic acne.

How to use - You can buy organic honey from market. If it is too thick, you can neutralize it with rose water or normal water. With help of cotton ball apply it over your acnes and leave it for about 10 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water.

Baking Soda


Baking soda is also something you can get in every kitchen.

It is known to have excellent antiseptic properties which makes it a perfect solution to treat skin problems like acnes and pimple of any kind.

 It also has the capability to kill the acne causing bacteria.

How to use - Take half spoon baking soda in a bowl and add some water to it in order to make a paste. You may also add pinch of sea salt to it and mix all the ingredients in order to make paste.

Apply this paste over cystic acne only and leave it for about an hour. Wash with lukewarm water and apply a good moisturizer over your face.



It may sound very strange but potato is a great remedy to get rid of cystic acne.

It is due to their excellent absorbent property that they can help you to get rid of all kinds of the impurities of facial skin.

It also has anti-inflammatory property due to which it can reduce the swelling and redness caused to due cystic acne.

How to use Peel a potato and cut a few slices in order to blend and make a paste out of it. Squeeze the water and apply the paste over cystic acne. Let it stay for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Try these simple home- made remedies to treat your cystic acne you will surely have a positive result

Wrapping Up

I hope this article would help you in treating cystic acne. The rule of thumb is to avoid popping them and avoid doing any activity which might leave scars.

What are your views on this? How did you treat your cystic acne? Do let me know in the comments below.

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