How Much Does Microblading Cost? – A Detailed Explanation

How Much Does Microblading Cost? – A Detailed Explanation

How Much Does Microblading Cost

Have you ever imagined how celebrities and other public figures like Madonna have a perfect looking eye-brows all the time?

Are you fed up with those thin eyebrows and want the thicker ones with a gentle gradient?

Well, you all can have it through a process of cosmetic tattooing known as microblading.

Isn't it great? Indeed it is because now you don't have to worry about paying extra attention to your eye-brows while you are doing your makeup.

With microblading, your eye-brows will be perfect at all time. The microblading process has become popular in the few years.

Earlier it was chosen by the celebrities all around the world. But nowadays, it has become quite a common name among the general public too.

Microblading involves implanting pigment manually, to the upper layer of your skin. This lasts for about 2-3 years.

Now, you all must be wondering about the cost involved in getting this procedure done. Well, further content will help you to get all the required information.

How Much Does Microblading Cost? Lets Dig Deeper

As mentioned above, microblading lasts for a sufficient amount of time, and it may take a few hours to two sessions for getting the procedure wholly done.

This is because the technician has to be careful while doing the process, as a result, lasts for 2-3 years.

The main aim of microblading is to give a natural puffiness to the eyebrows providing it a perfect gradient. So, the main question which arises here is microblading how much does it cost?

The process involved in this job is to be done correctly and with extreme care as the pigment is implanted into the layer of the skin.

One cannot afford to go wrong. So, owing to such intricacies microblading can only be done by the licensed technicians only.

Also, make sure to get microblading done by a technician who is well trained in this process and has a right amount of experience as well.

The microblading is an intricate procedure. Thus the people who do it may charge a reasonable amount for the same.

Thus depending on the various factors, the cost involved in this process may range from $400 to $1000.

The price may differ owing to the following factors:

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    Availability of the technicians
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    The area where the salon for microblading is present
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    The amount charged by the experienced technicians is likely to be more than the new ones or the ones who have just stepped into this field.

You must avoid getting microblading done by a naive technician as the quality and the finish required for this procedure may differ.

An experienced technician would provide you with a better and good result as well as charge the apt amount for that work.

In some cases, after microblading, your eye-brows may need a touch-up. Depending on the amount of work, you may have to spend some extra bucks for the same.

All in all, the amount charged for this work is resonant as it is a semi-permanent process which involves detailed work.

So don't shy away from spending money if you are interested in getting your eye-brows microbladed.

What Is Included In The Price?

Owing to the detailed work involved in this procedure, the cost involved in microblading is reasonable and a fair one.

You got to have around $1000 bucks if you want a hire an experienced technician for getting your eye-brows microbladed.

The cost charged for the entire process is for different steps done while microblading and the detailed information is mentioned below:

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    The process starts with the first session where initial tattooing is done, it is called as eyebrow feathering session. The amount charged for this session is around $400.
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    After the first session is over, you have to revisit the technician within 6-7 weeks for a touch-up. This first touch up is needed to give a charming look to the eyebrows. This first touch up session costs about $160- $170.
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    Within the next 11-12 months from the initial touch-up, the microbladed eyebrows need a touch-up. This touch-up is necessary to maintain the same look and puffiness. This process involves some labor that is why a trained technician may charge up to $270.
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    Also, if you are interested in getting your eyebrows waxed and tinted, then you can pay an extra amount of 50 bucks and get that done as well. It will give your face a fresh and rejuvenated look, along with enhancing the final result of microblading.

Thus, all this sums up to a total of $800- $1000 on an average. If you are booking an appointment with an expert for microblading, then you have to pay this amount approximately.

But, don't worry the result will be so pleasant and alluring that you won't regret spending your money on this, even for a second.

What Is Microblading Shading?

Microblading Shading is a process which is attributed to be a complementary procedure to microblading. Under this technique, the pigment is directly pushed against the skin instead of dragging it across your skin around the natural eyebrows.

As a result of microblading, shading your eyebrows look like they are filled with powder giving them an alluring effect. Shading your eye-brows make them look perfect 24*7.

Thus, saving your time which you spend on a daily basis to make your eye-brows look perfect via make-up. Above everything, it is best for people who have comparatively light natural eye-brows and desire for thick pairs.

Microblading shading is a more advanced procedure as compared to microblading. Not all technicians who can do microblading have skills to do microblading shading.

They have to receive different training for the same before they can perform it. Thus, if you desire to get microblading shading done, then make sure to find such technician who is adequately trained in doing both the procedures (microblading and microblading shading).

The time required for doing this process is about half an hour to 45 minutes more, along with the time needed for microblading itself. As it involves more work, the artist may charge an extra amount of $50-$200 for shading only.

Some people are also reported to have a painful experience during the process of microblading shading. Thus, you have to be sure about getting it done in the first place, as it is a semi-permanent procedure like that of microblading.

What About Touch-Ups?

As mentioned above, even after the primary process of microblading is done, you may have to re-visit your technician for touch-ups.

Yes! They are necessary and recommended as well.

After the microblading process, you have to follow the instructions and precautions given by your technician and re-visit them for the first touch-up within 6-7 weeks.

Once you go for the touch-up, the technician will first outline the desired shape again and put a numbing gel.

After the first session of microblading, the skin is under the healing cycle in the coming week, and after the first touch-up session, it is supposed to get more sensitive.

At the end of the touch-up course, you can see the difference yourself. The eyebrows are supposed to look fuller and puffed after the first touch-up session.

Once the touch-up session is over, your eyebrows and skin start to heal but for a few days, it may be a bit sensitive, and you may notice some redness around the eyebrows. Once your skin passes this phase, you may feel a little itchy during the skin healing cycle. Not to worry! 

Just be patient and don't touch your eye-brows in any case. After about 10-12 days of the first touch-up session, your eyebrows start to look flaky.

Don't panic, as it is one of the stages of the healing cycle and it will not last long. Finally, after a couple of weeks, your eyebrows will start to darken up, and the flakes will disappear on their own.

Here, your skin enters the 'grow cycle' post first touch up session.

Finally, in the next couple of weeks, you will have a perfect looking, full, thick eyebrows with an ideal gradient.

Note- if during any of the stages mentioned above you feel like some severe issue is coming your way, then make sure to go for a touch-up again, or you can visit your technician to discuss your problem.

Now, within the next 12-13 months after the first touch-up session, you may feel the need to get another one. If that is the case then, you must consult your technician and do as they recommend.

Average Cost Of Microblading Eyebrows

Average Cost Of Microblading

Now, you know that the entire microblading process is not a single step procedure and it requires time and your patience as well.

The work involved in this is intricate, so the job is to be performed by skilled people. Therefore, they charge a reasonable amount for the same.

As, a result each step involved in microblading and microblading shading (if you decide to get it as well), have a separate cost associated with it to avoid confusion.

  • Chrome
    So, the main microblading process costs up to $400. Also, you have to pay an extra amount of $50-$200 for microblading shading.
  • Chrome
    Then, you have to re-visit the technician for a touch-up, which is needed. This touch-up session costs up to $160- $170.
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    Along with it, if you decide to have eyebrow wax and tint, the technician would charge $50 for the same.
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    Finally, getting a touch-up within the next 12-13 months would cost you an amount of $270.
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    On totaling the cost involved in each step, you have to pay a minimum amount of $400-$500 to a maximum amount of $1000-$1200.

So, if you want to save that extra time of yours which you spend doing the makeup of your eye-brows and want to look perfect all the time, then microblading is surely your cup of tea.

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