How To Get Rid Of Spider Veins On Face Naturally?

How To Get Rid Of Spider Veins On Face Naturally?

How To Get Rid Of Spider Veins On Face Naturally

Along with the mental and physical health, it is equally important to take care of your skin. Yes! If anything goes wrong with our body, let's say, in hormones or even nutrients, it reflects on our skin in some way.

For example- appearing of pimples and acne during teenage, or the appearance of spider veins at adulthood, or jowls at old age - all of it is interconnected to the health and body.

So, it is very crucial to maintain the all-over balance of the mind and the body. Once you have attained that balance, all the other issues would fade away automatically.

Having any problem which is prominently visible over our skin can be very daunting. A similar situation is more common in adults especially women of age over 35, where veins beneath the layer of the skin abnormally enlarge and appear on the surface of the skin.

This condition is more prominent in women than in men, and it gets immense with age. This kind of situation can affect one's confidence in a massive way. You start to feel shy and get conservative about wearing certain types of clothes as well.

My mother who is approaching her 40's also developed the spider veins, and like all the other ladies, she was terrified as it affected her face. But, with patience and calmness along with the right remedies, she was able to get rid of it.

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins have derived their name from the interconnected web of red and blue veins that often spread across the various body parts (mainly legs), as you grow up.

In medical terms, they are named as telangiectasias, as they are close clusters of tiny and thin blood vessels which develop and can be seen on the skin surface.

In appearance, they can be of various colours ranging from red to blue or even purple sometimes. They are called a spider web, as they have an impression of a spider web.

It is because of this reason only, spider veins can give a feeling of disgust to the other people looking at you. It makes the person suffering from spider vein, quite uncomfortable and less confident in the public domain. Spider veins are comparatively less prominent and visible than varicose veins.

How Are Spider Veins Caused?

Knowing the cause of any disease or skin problem enables you to get rid of it from the root, thus preventing it from re-occurring as well. It helped my mother as well.

As in, when she saw the first few symptoms of spider veins, I took her to a good dermatologist immediately. Once, he told us the details about the problem she had and how common it was, we got relieved. And, knowing the cause helped my mother to get rid of it quickly and in a short span of time.

Spider veins occur in humans during adulthood as a result of the abnormality in the structure of the blood vessels. If we dig deeper and see the cause then, it can be explained as follows-

We all are aware of the fact that veins have a significant work of carrying the de-oxygenated blood to our heart from the other parts of the body for filtration.

During this process, they have to utilise a chain of one-way valves to prevent the backflow of the blood. If the blood flows back, then the standard mechanism of the body gets disrupted, these valves have to work on their tip-toes all the time.

Now, with time, for many reasons, these valves can become defective and may allow the backflow of blood. This process creates too much pressure as two types of blood flow takes place at the same time.

Thus, blood pooling and pressure increase within the veins which results in weakening of the walls of the blood vessels. One of the other reasons can be attributed to the dilation and engorgement of the blood vessels which gets defected.

Thus, it is a natural process, and you should not panic over it.

Things which may add to the possibility of having spider veins-  Standing or sitting for a more extended period regularly, use of birth control pills by women, any vein surgery, a history of blood clots or family genetics.

How Are Spider Veins Different From Varicose Veins?

Just like spider veins, varicose veins may also occur at the adult age. They may look similar to you, but in medical science, they are not categorised as same.

Some significant points of difference between both these types include.

  • Spider veins are very delicate and can range about 1mm in size. On the other hand, varicose veins are comparatively less delicate and about 3mm in size.
  • Chrome
    Spider veins are of red, purple or blue in colour while, and varicose veins are dark red which makes then more visible and prominent.
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    The amount of discomfort caused by the spider veins is relatively lesser than that of varicose veins. It is because you only itching, burning or stinging sensation if you develop a condition of spider veins. But on the other hand, in the case of varicose veins, you may have to experience a lot of pain, swelling, burning sensation, restless legs and cramps at night, throbbing and leg fatigue as well.
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    As a secondary condition, one may suffer from bleeding of veins which may cause bruise beneath the skin in the case of spider veins. While with varicose veins the secondary conditions only include pain and swelling and in worse situation, one may get an ulcer.
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    Spider veins are comparatively closer to the skin surface as compared to the varicose veins.
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    Varicose veins can also be of the skin color, but spider veins are rarely found to be of the skin color. And they have a more twisted and bulgy appearance as compared to that of spider veins.

How To Get Rid Of Spider Veins On Face Naturally?

People suffering from spider veins on the face have to experience not only physically but mentally as well. It is because these spider veins are quite visible and prominent on the soft skin of the face and it makes you look odd as well.

This condition cannot be hidden entirely by makeup as well. But you don't have to worry, as there are several remedies which can help in a great way to treat spider veins on the face-

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a herbal supplement. It has a unique property of strengthening the tissues which are responsible for the formation of the walls of the blood vessels. It ultimately helps to widen the blood vessels as well.

Ginkgo biloba also helps in the process of tissue oxygenation and increases the blood circulation as well. This is the reason as to why this herbal supplement is considered to be one of the best remedies to treat spider veins on the face, that too naturally.

The stems of this herb are even more beneficial, so try to have it for better results.

Tip To Use It - You have to take 120-130 mg of Ginkgo biloba extract on a daily basis. Just remember to divide this portion into 3-4 parts.

Apple Cider Vinegar

 Let me tell you one fact about apple cider vinegar, it is one of the best natural products you can have in your kitchen and has multiple uses. Apart from being used in making food, it proves to be very useful in treating various skin problems.

This is the reason as to why it helps in a great way to get rid of spider veins by improving the supply and circulation of blood. Apple cider vinegar is not only easy to obtain, but it is also effortless to use.

Tip To Use it - Take a clean cotton cloth, and soak it in the neutralized solution of apple cider vinegar. Apply the solution over the affected area and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. Repeat this for two months, on a daily basis. 

Horse Chestnut Seeds

These seeds are known to have tannins and saponin nutrients in abundance. It is because of these nutrients that, horse chestnut seeds have good circulatory and anti-inflammatory effects.

Horse chestnut seeds prove to be a great relief from the secondary effects of spider veins like itching, swelling, pain and fatigue as well. In the case of spider’s veins, blood vessels often lose their elasticity, and horse chestnut seeds are an excellent supplement which can help them to regain this elasticity.

Tip To Use It - To have the desired results, you can mix witch hazel to it. Take one tablespoon of distilled witch hazel and mix one tablespoon of chestnut tincture to it. Mix these two contents thoroughly. Now, carefully apply it over the affected area and leave it to dry for some time. Wash with lukewarm water.


Bilberry is generally used to treat inflammation of the throat, mouth, diarrhoea, eye problems, diabetes, poor circulation of blood etc. Not only this, bilberry is very useful in getting rid of spider veins as it improves blood circulation.

It also has nutrients like tannins, flavonoids etc. which also helps to cure the effects of spider veins.

Tip To Use It - To have the desired results, take about 20-30 milligrams of Bilberry extract twice or thrice a day.

How to Prevent Spider Veins From Happening?

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. Well, honestly speaking one cannot avoid the appearance of spider veins entirely, but you can surely take a few steps to slow down the presence of these spider veins.

Some of the steps which can be taken to prevent spider veins from happening are mentioned below-

Avoid Doing One Activity For A More Extended Period

One of the underlying reasons behind the appearance of spider veins is prolonged sitting or standing. At times our job is such that we are required to sit or stand for a more extended period.

In such situations, make sure to get up or stand after every couple of hours and relax your leg muscles. It also helps to have good blood circulation within the blood vessels avoiding any extra pressure on them.

Provide Blood Circulation With Your Body Positioning

Till now we have established the fact that spider veins are caused due to the reduced flow of blood. So, you should avoid those positions that impede blood circulation and instead make use of those positions that usually aid it.

For example - when you are at home avoid crossing your legs and sitting for a more extended period. Crossing the legs for an extended period interrupts the proper flow of blood.

Tip - You can perform a simple exercise for having a good circulation of blood. You can stretch your feet using a footstool and then raise it to a height of 6 - 12 feet and bring down to the level of your heart.This not only improves the blood circulation process but reduces the swelling in your ankles, ultimately reducing the risk of getting spider veins.

For Day To Day Purpose, Try To Settle With Low Heels Or Avoid Pencil Heels

Wearing high heels puts a lot of pressure on your veins and blood vessels. This pressure can restrict the blood circulation process up to a great extent.

Thus, if your job profile is such that you have to wear heels, go with low heels instead of high heels settle for medium to low heels and whenever you get time to take out your heels and let your feet relax for some time.


So, by opting a few precautionary methods mentioned above, you can considerably avoid the appearance of spider and varicose veins at an early stage of your life. The key to curing any health or skin problem you suffer is to handle it calmly and with patience.

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