How To Make Feet Smaller Without Surgery?

How To Make Feet Smaller Without Surgery?

Small sized feet are considered beautiful and ladylike. But does that mean if I have large feet and in order to make it smaller, I have to go through surgery? Even if I do that, is there any guarantee that it would reduce my feet size?

I have often heard girls complaining that their feet are not pretty and girls like to flaunt with the favorite nail paint. Even after they apply their favorite nail color, it does not look good on their feet just because it has an abrupt size. Having bigger sized feet can also be trouble when selecting shoes.

I know that it is definitely not fun to be limited by your shoe size, but such scenarios are common to crop up. Instead of thinking what your feet do not allow you to do, concentrate on which shoe would look absolutely amazing on your feet size.

​Whenever I am about to order a pretty pair of shoes from the online store, it lacks the right size and thus, I am not able to add those choices in my collection. This is a pretty common issue with both men and women. It is usually believed that men have bigger sized feet compared to women. 

To reduce feet-size there is a surgery and is often known as Cinderella surgery. While trying to know how to make feet smaller without surgery, I also came across the fact that there are certain facts on how to make your feet stop growing. I think it is just impossible to stop your bones from growing once you become an adult. But there is something that can be done to the ligaments, bones, and tendons.

This is for the ones who are curious to know the solution to make feet smaller without surgery.

​Fact about getting smaller feet

​Dating back to 1900s in the Western European countries, it was believed that people with bound feet could not go out for work. It is quite similar to the notion that flat feet people are unable to run fast.

By conducting online research, I have come across the fact that women are going to greater extents for getting smaller feet. I am quite sure that there are surgeons who would be willing to help these women to reduce the length of your bones.

On a contrary note, there are many surgeons, who would absolutely advise not to go for such a surgery as it is going to alter the normal body structure. It gives extreme pain and can also result in infection and other disability for the rest of the life.

​Bones cannot be made smaller

​Human beings have 26 bones in a foot, and its length and width are determined according to heredity. As per structure, the bones are connected by small muscles along with ligaments, and these contribute to the flexibility and the strength of the foot.

Since bones are strong in nature, it is simply impossible to shorten them in length and size. Therefore, it is not possible to make the feet size shorter in reality without changing the structure of the bones. It is only possible to make it look smaller and not wide.

Natural solution of stopping feet from growing

Need to lose weight

One of the problematic health conditions could be excessive weight, and weight reducing is an essential part when trying to reduce your feet. The more the body grows, the feet also becomes wide. It spreads both in width and length to cope up with the extra weight.

With a lighter body weight, the feet need not spread too much to handle the weight. The bone structure cannot be changed, and it is found that some people have a wide bone structure compared to others. Losing some extra weight on the feet would bring a difference in the size of the feet.

Arch and flat feet

Flat feet appear larger and wider. When a person has weak arches, it can make the feet even wider.

Swollen feet

Feet can look larger when they are swollen, and it can happen due to a number of reasons. To make them look smaller, try to elevate the feet that would reduce the swelling of feet making the feet look thinner.

Try to know “how to make your feet thinner?”. To cope up with permanent swollen, it is better to consult a physician. It might be an indication of an underlying problem.

Arch strengthening

In order to strengthen the arch support of the feet, it is preferable to consult a podiatrist.

These are some simple steps by which I can make my feet look smaller. For reducing the length of the feet, more strict measures need to be taken, and it should be done by consulting a doctor.

Ways to make feet look smaller

Few tips and tricks to make your feet look smaller are enlisted further. I have found people who are not happy with big feet, and they want to change the way their feet look. Without the involvement of any surgical methods, these tips can be undertaken easily.

Choosing the right sized shoe

Try to change the alignment of your feet and in order to that, try wearing heels over flats. I know flats are the ultimate choices of comfort, but wearing heels would help to make your feet look smaller. In addition, wearing skimpy scandals are a big no for your small feet as it would make the feet look even smaller.

Try to pick the one in which the shoe is made up of fewer materials. It would make the feet look larger and wider as most part of the feet would remain exposed. Besides, sandals with large straps are a good option to make your feet smaller.

Again, choose the ones that are dark in color as it would make your feet look smaller.

Choosing the right cloth is necessary

Style your clothes in such a way that it draws most of the attention. The flare-leg pants are the best option, in this case, to cover up the feet.

Try wearing bright colored tops and shirts and accessorize it with heavy jewelry such that it is able to grab most of the attention away from the feet. Thus, wearing dark and subdued color on the lower half of the body is advisable.

Variation in shoes

Wearing heels all the time can be uncomfortable enough. Thus, it is important to alternate the type of shoe for the comfort of the feet.

Apart from this, adding accents and decorations to the shoe can grab the attention from the feet to the shoe. Try using flowers, tassels, fancy buckles and bows to make the shoe look prettier and the feet smaller.


​After going through these steps, I actually thought that making the feet look smaller is really easy and depends much on what I wear. In addition, the styling is also important to make the feet look smaller.

​Whatever are the steps mentioned, these are way better than undergoing any surgery just to reduce the feet and make it smaller. So, practice styling differently with your shoes and dress and get to know what looks best and help make the feet look smaller.

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