How To Remove Nose Hair For Females?

How To Remove Nose Hair For Females?

​Nose hair are natural and every one of us have nose hair which actually works as a defense system of the nose cartilage. It helps to keep away the harmful particles in the air and also helps to maintain moisture in the air that we breathe.

I have come across certain health-magazines where it was mentioned that the blood vessels present in the face and nose work as a defense system. Despite all these usefulness, people often wish to remove the nose hair for various purposes.

I was even wondering that instead of visiting the parlor or any doctor; why not find DIY steps to remove them. Nose hair are not health hazards instead they are essential to filter germs, dust, and other tiny particles from entering the nose easily.

Women can overlook many things but they would never consider long hair coming out of the nose. In case, it is of a significant amount, then it can be embarrassing enough. It can also be a little distraction and also prove to be humiliating when it is clearly visible.

When the nostril hair are visible, it indicates that it is a matter of lack of hygiene. Though excess nose hair are never considered a pleasant sign, they should be removed following some safe ways. It is easy for ladies to get rid of hair. Since nose-hair is a biological need, it is recommended not to try and pluck them unless it becomes too much embarrassing.

​How safe is it to get rid of nose hair?

​There are different methods to get rid of nose hair. While dealing with such delicate hair on the nose, one should be careful enough and go for the method that is the best and ensures no additional problem. Since, noes hair functions as an important part of the human body, it should be thought of properly before getting rid of the same.

I have known about some of the methods to get rid of nose hair, and they are thinning, trimming and removing which are safe enough and can be carried out at home. There are other methods as well, and some of them are laser hair removal, waxing or plucking. Plucking sounds to be a bit painful and therefore, it is advisable to go through some safe method that would help to maintain utmost safety.

​Some easy solutions

​One of the simple ways to get rid of the hair is to trim them with the help of the female nose hair trimmer. Clipper designed for nose hair works well. In addition, cuticle scissors are also helpful to get rid of the nose hair. I would suggest that you do not forget to sterilize the clipper by rubbing alcohol on it both before and after using the product. I have come across the fact that in order to stop the growth of nose hair, trimming it on a regular basis would be suitable. For the long-lasting and professional finish, it is better to opt for waxing or electrolysis.

Using trimmers

​Starting with nose trimmers, as they are the safest and the most accessible tools. Tiny scissors are available which are meant only for this purpose. When purchasing the scissors, make sure that they have rounded tips to ease the trimming as it will prevent bleeding.

With the help of the trimmer, it is possible to remove the most visible ones or cut them so as to make them shorten without hurting the subtle skin inside the nose. Other than this, one of the most popular tools is the electric trimmer which is also easy to use. It comes with medium sized blades with stainless steel housing. Get a quality hair clipper and make sure the steel is of good quality.

​Laser hair removal

​It is another excellent way that works as a permanent treatment to get rid of unwanted hair. The nasal hair grows due to hormonal changes in the body. Laser treatment is mainly meant for the visible hairs on the inside of the nostrils. By going through this procedure, it makes the hair less noticeable and also prevents it from coming out of the nose.

Though this is an expensive option, and if you are searching for how to remove nose hair permanently, this is the best option. Some companies also have medical plans in which they promise to cover up such payments. For this method, it is necessary to contact a certified dermatologist, and it is better to go through this process by a professional facility.


​This is another method to remove female nose hair though waxing is often not recommended as safe. Similarly, plucking the hair might give some pain. Plucking it randomly can result in ingrown hair and infection inside the nose. Waxing can cause a deep impact in the skin inside the nostrils.

I have seen the nasal wax product in the market which is prepared to remove only the hair that grows at the edge of the nostrils. The result of this procedure lasts for four weeks but the result lasts longer than the trimming process. I would suggest that if you are considering to go for waxing, then it is perfect to get it done through a salon that is good at offering such services.

The technician who is assigned to do the task should be well informed about the waxing.

​Tips for dealing with ingrown nose hair

The ingrown hair should be plucked out carefully and safely, but it is not easy to deal with ingrown nose follicle. Since the nose area is a bit small, it is essential to get a clear view of the nostrils. Some of the steps are enlisted below that shall help to undertake the process easily.

  • ​Dip a clean cloth in a mild hot water and then dab the cloth over the infected area to soften it. It also helps to open the hair follicle.
  • ​With a little pressure, pinch the area.
  • ​Along with ingrown hair, waste stuff inside the nose is also removed, and in the area can also be disinfected with a mild disinfectant.
  • ​After going through the process, in case you still see hair coming out, then it can be plucked out with the help of tweeters. The tweeter should be used carefully and with caution such that it does not cause any harm to the delicate skin inside the nose.

​Precautionary measures

​In case, there are very few unruly hair, I have often tried to resist the urge of plucking them out. Since they come out naturally from the nose, it is often recommended not to try and get rid of them. Since plucking the hair might result in some infection.

Instead of going through any expensive method, it is better to opt either waxing or trimming inside the nostrils. In case, getting rid of the embarrassing nose hair becomes your top priority, you should not try to pluck them out randomly with fingertips or with tweezers.

In addition, it can also cause permanent damage to the tissues inside the nose. However, whichever process you are searching to remove nose hair for females it should be safe enough.

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