How To Stop A Pimple From Bleeding?

How To Stop A Pimple From Bleeding?

​Having pimple or acne and struggling to get rid of the same is a complete nightmare for most of the teenagers. It can happen to both men and women irrespective of any skin type. Leaving a deep mark on the skin, the terrible pain is also a disgusting situation for me.

Not only me, but it is also a common story for most of the teenagers. Though it is said that they rarely appear on the oily texture of skin, dry skin is no exception in this case. Though I have never tried the horrifying task of popping out a pimple, I have seen most teenagers tend to pop it out. 

They have a notion that popping it out helps to get rid of the same. There is nothing called as bleeding pimple, it takes place when I tend to pop or pick it out. Therefore, without worrying much about how to stop a pimple from bleeding, I prefer going through the procedure mentioned below.

But the scenario is something totally different. The pimples usually come out when the pores on the outer surface of the face get blocked with bacteria. Other than that, it can also be said that due to hormonal changes in the body, the pimples or acne flourish on the skin.

There is nothing you can know about how to heal an open pimple overnight. When I tend to pop it out, the breakouts spread on other areas around the wounded part and resulting from this, more pimple tends to come out.

Even doctors are of the opinion that instead of nurturing them and trying to pop them out, it is better to use some ingredient so such that it heals in quick time.

​Best remedial steps to stop pimple from bleeding

​Use hydrogen peroxide

​It has proved a miracle for me to deal with bleeding pimples. Previously, it used to depress a lot and now with the trick to get rid of them, I can easily deal with them. Using hydrogen peroxide is the key to prevent a bleeding pimple.

Though I know that pimples or acne are results from unhealthy food habits and excessive work pressure, I could not help myself to have those pink colored pimples coming out now and then.

To carry out the process, take a clean washcloth or piece of tissue and soak it in hydrogen peroxide and press it gently on the bleeding pimple. The pressure would help blood to clot and assists to kill any bacteria. Therefore, after this application, I can expect the outbreak not to spread any further.

​Treat pimples with some salt

​What if I treat the pimples with a tinge of salt? Sounding uncomfortable right? Well, when the pimples first started to appear on my face, it scared me a lot due to the pain that it causes. After it becomes small in size, it also leaves a dark mark on the face which I did not like.

Thus, to get rid of the same, I tried by pouring salt on the wound. It helps a popped-out pimple to heal quicker than using any ointment available in the market. Do not forget to use cotton and then apply the salt to it. I found the procedure effective, although I felt certain irritation on the wounded area.

​Aloe Vera

​You can use this ingredient in a number of ways to take care of the skin. It is a popular skin treatment and has fast healing qualities as well. I applied the same when I have to struggle with my bleeding pimple and the terrifying pain associated with it.

To get rid of the same, dab a dollop of Aloe Vera gel on the pimple and cover it up with the gel. If you are expecting some fast and quick results, then continue to apply it on a regular basis.


​In the list of ingredients that do wonders on extreme skin problems, honey is the one that tops the list. Even if there is no sign of any a pimple in my face, applying a small amount of honey on the face is definitely good.

Apart from imparting a delicious taste to any bitter tasting food, you can also use the same on bleeding pimples. It works as a natural moisturizer keeping the face hydrated. As soon as I apply on the face, it dries out and can be easily washed after 20 – 30 minutes.

​Ice cube

​These are best and fast method to pause the bleeding of the pimple. Often, pimple starts to come up when I am nearing any family function, and without any delay, I simply rush to the freezer.

Getting an ice cube and rubbing it on the pimple gives comfort and help reduce irritation. I wrap the ice cube with a thin cloth and then rub it on the wondered area. Within a few seconds, the bleeding stops and this immediate halt is possible since the blood vessels are constricted due to the cold temperature.

When I run out of any other feasible ingredient to deal with my acne or a pimple at home, ice cubes turn out to be my savior.

​Neem leaves

​I just hate neem leaves for its extremely bitter taste, but these are great treatments for a pooped out pimple. For its antiseptic quality, it helps reduce infection.

Other than bleeding pimples, it also helps to get rid of other skin problem including marks and scars. I usually boil the neem leaves in hot water, cool it and then apply the lukewarm water on the wounded area.


​Among the easily available ingredients in the market, this is one such wonder-food that I often use to stop bleeding pimples.

Applying a slice of potato on the affected area would help to deal with the ordeal. It absorbs the blood and prevents blood clotting at the same time.

​The final words

​These easy to get home remedies are used to get rid of the irritating pain of bleeding acne and also know about how to stop a pimple from bleeding easily. Remember to fight the situation with the required home remedies such that it does not come back.​

Keep a watch on whether the bleeding stops instantly after using the home remedy or not. Do not wait till the condition worsens when you find that the spot won't stop bleeding. I would further suggest, then in case the area bleeds for more than 5 minutes, then it can be some other serious issue apart from the acne.

It can result from clothing disease or anemia that needs to be checked as soon as soon as possible. Among the worst experiences, I found that the bleeding did not stop even after two days. So, I considered it feasible to consult a doctor and figure out the suitable procedure to prevent the bleeding.

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