How To Treat An Ingrown Pimple – A Detailed Guide

How To Treat An Ingrown Pimple – A Detailed Guide

When I had my first pimple, I was sure that life was changing for me. I was about to enter those tender pubescent years.

I was excited to know the unknowns. But after a couple of months, everything changed. I started becoming familiar with the cons of having blemished skins. 

Although I started knowing about specific subjects that were simply taboo, haunting were the days when I suffered from pimples.

But sooner than never, an ingrown pimple occurred out of the blues. And the worst part was, the harder I tried to zap my zits, the more painful and red they became.

Thanks to my mom, who shared great remedies to treat an ingrown pimple (which I will discuss in the latter part of this post)!

But if you haven't got an ingrown pimple on your body as of now (with the God's grace), you must be aware of it in the first place. So keep reading on.

What causes ingrown pimples?

​Remember that ingrown pimples can occur in men too. It is not exactly a pimple, but a kind of acne. When you seek an answer to what causes ingrown pimples, here’s everything in this guide. I was in my teens when I had my first ingrown pimple, and devastatingly it occurred at my back.

Later on, my friend also suffered from the same, but her experience was more frustrating as it was due to the occurrence of fungal or bacterial infections. Normally, an ingrown pimple occurs when a hair grows at a particular skin, thereby it causes the growth of the stubborn acne.

Sometimes, it happens due to dead skin cells too. Most of the time, an ingrown pimple goes away on its own, but it can be stubborn at times. The time when I had an ingrown pimple, it didn’t take a lot of days to recover. So how will you treat it? Read on.

Can stubborn ingrown pimples go off quickly?

​Since my teenage, pimple and acne has haunted me like anything.

Since my mother’s friend is a dermatologist, she used to share a useful number of tricks to get rid of the blemished skin.

Thanks to the treatments, for which I finally got rid of those mornings which involved waking me up with the painful pimples.

The aching days still haunt me like anything, but I have some useful remedies for you.

Remember that you can have an ingrown pimple on forehead or you can even see an ingrown pimple on nose, or anywhere else in your body.

So, whether or not you have already suffered from those struggling days, you need to know that those stubborn ingrown acnes can go off easily, if and only if you treat them in the first stage. But if things get worse, then I must suggest you consult a doctor.

Methods to get rid of ingrown pimples Chocolate cake

When you ask yourself about how to treat an ingrown pimple, I have some effective solutions for you. Time and again, acne problems have given nightmares to women.

Speaking from that front, I too had struggled with those nightmarish hours with the ingrown pimples. But now it seems that those nights when I used to survey about the cures of ingrown remedies have offered me the best solutions.

I already told you at the beginning of this article that my first ingrown pimple occurred at my back. But it didn’t end then and there. I started coming across an ingrown pimple on neck, nose, and forehead too. My teenage life wasn’t that straightforward, as I used to keep on researching about the remedies of ingrown pimples.

My mother was frustrated too, so she consulted her dermatologist friend from whom I got a good enough remedy list. And my surveys also helped me understand the proper curing method.

I feel that I shouldn't be the luckier one writing this, my reader should even get to know about how to treat an ingrown pimple. So in case you are wondering about the treatments, I have mentioned 3 effective methods by which you can easily get rid of those lingering ingrown acne.

Method 1 – Buy a gentle cleanser

After my mother consulted her dermatologist friend, she advised me to choose a gentle cleanser. Gentle cleansers help in curing the ingrown pimple faster than expected (and it really works). It decreases the irritation from your skin.

When I had one irritated ingrown pimple on leg, it seemed bigger and more evident. If you think the acne has occurred due to the formation of bacteria or fungus, then you should get an antibacterial soap. Here’s how to use the cleanser.

STEP 1: Buy the product that has ‘non-comedogenic’ labeled, which helps in reducing the clogs from your pores. I used a product comprising benzyl peroxide which helped the healing faster.

STEP 2: You must apply the cleanser to the infected follicle twice a day.

STEP 3: Keep the product in a cold place.

Method 2 – Wash the Skin with a soft washcloth or soft bristled toothbrush

Trust me when I say that this method is the most effective one to get rid of the ingrown pimples. If you use any soft bristled toothbrush, it helps in removing the dead skin and even frees the embedded hair too. Here go the steps.

STEP 1: Whenever you are using the soft bristled toothbrush, make sure you apply a needful amount of cleanser or the non-comedogenic oil. Remember that it should be done in a circular motion, which, in a way, cleanses your skin faster.

STEP 2: Upon which, you should rinse the area with the lukewarm water.

STEP 3: I advise not to scrub your face with a harsh or rough sponge. Also, you should avoid using abrasive cloth. The best way is, by using a soft cloth on your fingertips. Wash the area accordingly.

Method 3 – Get yourself non-comedogenic oil

In my days of treatment, I didn’t use any kind of oil. I usually have oily skin, so I never attempted to use oil during those days. But if your skin is sensitive, then it is recommended to use non-comedogenic oil.

Talking about non-comedogenic oil, it helps in cleansing your skin faster. You can go to purchase it from any beauty salon or from the online market stores. Here are the steps for this method to treat an ingrown pimple.

STEP 1: Buy the non-comedogenic oil from the market.

STEP 2: Use it ahead of taking a bath. This will help in washing out extra oil from your skin. Using it ones a day is perfect to get rid of the ingrown pimples.

STEP 3: Make sure you don’t use it on the skin where the ingrown pimple has occurred.

To Bid Adieu with my Folks

Whenever you encounter an ingrown hair irritating your skin or it looks like a red bump, don't hesitate to proceed with the precautions.

 As a matter of fact, it should be an ingrown pimple. But if the home-applied treatment doesn’t banish it, then I suggest you go for a proper dermatologic therapy.

 I hope that my experiences have helped you get a fair idea about the treatment of an ingrown pimple. If you liked my article, then don’t hesitate to share your valuable comments in the comment section.

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