How To Reduce Jowls Naturally ? We Got You Covered!

How To Reduce Jowls Naturally ? We Got You Covered!

How To Treat Jowls Naturally

Ageing is a natural phenomenon. Memory loss, pain in joints, wrinkles on the face and what not. All these become common as you start ageing.

I know this better because I have lived intimately with my grandparents. They are the sweetest thing on this earth and my secret keeper as well.

Though they are fit and healthy as of now, my grandmother started developing the symptoms of jowls. Her skin started sagging near the neck below the chin and jawline.

But, she is a true-fighter and was able to control the repercussions at least. Her willingness prevented her skin from sagging further. In this article, I will share some of the essential home remedies that she adopted to maintain the charm on her face.

 I will also discuss a few medical methods as well through which you can treat jowls on the go.

Let's get started. But, before we continue further, it is essential to understand what jowls are?

What Are Jowls, Anyway?

Jowls are a skin condition which starts developing with age. Jowls represent the sagging skin below your jawline or neck. Jowls are a result of natural ageing. As one grows old, their facial skin starts sagging.

Jowls are visible in the people with thicker and tight skin. Such people have more collagen and fat in the area around the chin and cheeks. However, it is important to mention here that not all people develop jowls.

This might be because of better lifestyle choices, genes, and other environmental factors.

Why Are Some People More Prone To Developing Jowls Than Others?

Some people are more prone to developing jowls than others because the skin of some people might be too thin, or it might have lost its elasticity. This makes some people more prone to developing jowls when compared to the others.

We will have a closer look at the critical causes of jowls in the next section.

Causes Of Jowls

Loss Of Elastin And Collagen

Sagging of the skin area of the jawline begins when your chin and cheeks tend to lose their elastin and collagen. These two proteins present in our facial skin are responsible for keeping our skin tight and firm.

But as we grow old, the production of these two proteins tend to decrease, and our skin starts to drop downwards. 

With age, your skin starts dropping downwards. As a result, the appearance of the jowls become more and more pronounced.


Apart from the elastin and collagen, your genes might also play a significant role in this process.

If either of your parents has pronounced jowls, then you are more likely to have them. This means you can't alter your genetics in any way. You can make a few modifications in your lifestyle which will help you to reduce their visibility.

Environmental And Lifestyle Sectors

The other causes why you might get jowls include your lifestyle choices and the like. For example:

  • Facial Expressions
  • Weight Loss
  • Smoking
  • Others

If you frequently make a specific set of facial expressions, this can stretch out your skin and lead to the formation of jowls.

How To Treat Jowls Naturally With The Help Of Exercises?

There are many exercises which can help a great deal in getting rid of reducing visibility and de-accelerating the appearance of jowls.

However, care should be taken as specific exercises only work when they are performed along with a workout which involves the entire body. Thus, a work-out regime which involves moderate aerobic exercise and a strength workout along with a healthy diet can be of great help here.

Also, regularity is the key. You have to be regular to have desired results.

Following are some small exercises which you can efficiently do on a day-to-day basis to avoid jowls:


Yes! Chewing is a simple exercise we all can perform on a daily basis. The motion involved in chewing is known to suit the sagging jowls. Apart from eating food, you must complete the chewing exercise separately, every day for about 20 minutes.

Tilt your head up slightly and start chewing. It tightens the skin of your jawline and proves very important in eliminating double chin. A single chewing motion should take not more than 2-3 seconds and ideally, you should do it in both the directions if you can.


Pouting not only helps you in getting a good picture, but it is an excellent exercise for the muscles which are present around your mouth as well. The trick here is to use your hands. Make a pout and with the help of your fingers, pull down the corners of your mouth. Hold it in that position for about 5-6 seconds and release slowly.

Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes, at least two times a day. You can get even more effective results by performing this exercise.


Being happy takes away all your problems. Thus, exercising the muscles of your skin with a smile is also very useful in getting rid of sagging jowls.

For this, all you need to do is sit and relax your body and then grin as wide as possible (your teeth must be visible), hold it and move your head back and forth. Then, you can pair it with frowning while correspondingly moving head.

Tip - You can also perform this exercise without showing your teeth.

Other Treatments To Reduce Jowls

There are various other medical treatments which you can choose to go to get rid of jowls, as in some cases, the sagging skin can make people very uncomfortable.

Some of the treatments are -


Fillers are those compounds that are injected around the cheek area, precisely where the fat has been lost beneath the skin layer.

Apart from this, some doctors now prefer injecting the fillers into the jowls area to provide your face with a fuller look. The process has no side-effects, and people are generally happy with the result as well.


Radiotherapy is one of the trickiest treatments of all. It uses an intense radiating heat to stimulate the proteins necessary to keep your skin tight and firm, i.e., collagen and elastin fibres.

This process helps in recoiling the protein bundles and tightening the skin. On the other hand, it also helps in stimulating the production of collagen. To have the desired or maximum result, one has to go through this process around 2-3 times in a year.

Neck Lift

During the process of the neck lift, your dermatologist will make a small cut along the side of the face. Then, he will reposition and sculpt the fat and tissues around the cheek and jaw area.

In fact, the neck lift is considered one of the most effective treatments when it comes to getting rid of jowls.

CAUTION -This process involves a long recovery time and fair chances of complications as well. Some significant side-effects include scarring and infection.

Can Facial Expressions Reduce Jowls?

Well, as surprising as it may sound but, making a specific facial expression regularly for a more extended period, which may be part of your work as well, can be the cause of jowls at an old age.

The reason behind this is straightforward. Your face skin may stretch beyond its capacity or limit and thus, lose its elasticity, as a result of which, your skin might drop downwards.  It is similar to extending a rubber band beyond its length, where it breaks.

Facial expression is counted as one of the common reasons of jowl. So, no matter what is your lifestyle or job profile, try to relax your muscles after you have finished your work. Do some facial exercise to relax the muscles, or you can also perform a light-handed massage.

How To Prevent Jowls From Happening?

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. Similarly, you can also do your little bit and prevent jowls from happening. Have a look.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is never good, and it does no good for our health as well. It not only affects our health but is also a significant cause of sagging skin at a comparatively early age. It is perhaps because the chemicals which are found in cigarettes tend to damage the collagen and elastin in your skin, which promotes sagging.

Limit Your Exposure To The Sun

UV rays emitted from the sun are not suitable for our skin and can lead to the formation of jowls. Thus, if your work involves getting out in the sun, then it is always a good habit to wear sunscreen all over your face and other exposed areas of your skin. It works by blocking the UV rays and preventing you from jowls as well.

Limit Your Screen Time

In today's digital world, you certainly cannot avoid phone or computer at all, but you can inevitably limit the screen time. It is highly recommended to keep your head in a natural and comfortable position if and when using your mobile phone or computer.

This helps you by keeping your neck from getting bunched. Further, you should always take a break for 10 minutes every hour while working on the computer or your phone.

Other Ways To Reduce Their Appearance

If the methods mentioned above do not suit you anyhow, you can still hide or reduce the appearance of jowls by playing it smart. The right makeup and clothing can help.

Here is what you can do:


Make use of different contouring styles along your neck and chin to make your jowl lines less visible.

 There are various online tutorials that you can watch and learn the art.

Scarves And Turtlenecks To The Rescue

Scarves and turtlenecks do not just add a style factor to your look, but they can also hide your jowls. You can get perfect coverage with turtlenecks.

However, using scarves can be a bit tricky. All you need to do is be creative and choose for more structured fabrics rather than going for sheer fabrics for complete coverage.

Wrapping Up

That said, it is highly recommended to prevent jowls right from an earlier age. Avoid making a particular facial expression for long, and limit your sun exposure as well as your screen time. Further, adopting a healthy lifestyle.

However, if you still somehow get jowls, I would suggest you perform proper exercises and be careful of your posture. You can also choose to go for various surgical and non-surgical procedures.

But, if nothing seems to work out, you can always attempt to hide them by using makeup and right clothing.

So, what are your views on this? How do you prevent jowls naturally? Do you have any tips to offer? Let us know in the comments below.

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