Ultimate Guide To Reshape Nose Cartilage With Pressure [Without Surgery]

Ultimate Guide To Reshape Nose Cartilage With Pressure [Without Surgery]

​Ever thought what makes those celebrities outshine from the rest of the heads and take least effort to give out a stunning pose in front of the lens? Believe it or not, it is the facial features.

One of the most significant concerns that profoundly matter to the glamour-world these days are the features of the face. What I have found is that the idea of perfect features is just not confined to the world of glamour but also applies to individuals across the globe.

In this metropolitan environment and late century, people are much more conscious about how they look, what they wear and how they carry it.

It is true that the facial feature of a person comes through heredity and is entirely natural but then it is again a flawed or unfit feature that can raise inferiority complexes in individuals.

Well, no one knows it better than me because I have also come across the same scenario and still stand wondering amongst the crowd, “can nose cartilage be shaped effectively”? I am definitely not one of those persons who would jump-head straight into surgical or painful cosmetic methodologies to reshape my nose cartilage.

Hence, here’s good news for those who have been looking for new and better ways to reshape their nose cartilage. As concluded by many researches of years, there are many home-based exercises and smart ways that work wonders for people when it comes to manipulating nose cartilage.

I will now share some of the most useful techniques, tips and safety criteria on nose cartilage reshaping.

​Breathing exercises with pressure

​So, this is one of the methods that I usually follow to reshape nose cartilage with pressure. One of the foremost things that I would like to tell you prior to trying this is that you will need sufficient pressure to see the results. However, I can tell you that this method does work with time and here's why and how.

So, it is essential to know that the area of the nose cartilage is made out of flexible tissues that do not consist of any specific bone structure or anything. The area is filled with tissues and vessels that carry blood, and there is no content of muscles. Therefore, the area can mold to a particular shape that you desire if your efforts are dedicated. Trust me; I required the same amount of dedication as well!

So, here is what I practice daily twice, ten rounds!

  • ​Use your index finger and thumb to grab both sides of the nose cartilage and breathe in and out gradually.
  • ​Take deep breaths and hold and stay after each step to apply proper pressure on the cartilage areas.
  • ​Proceed further by holding the nostril areas tightly to straighten the nostrils and release it.

Note: Make sure that you do not breathe out with too much strength while applying pressure on the nostrils.

I have found this solution to be a gradual but effective way to reshape nose cartilage with pressure. Also, I can do it at any point of time without having to worry about any specialized equipment or specific timing. I usually prefer following a specific time for the exercise.

​Nose cartilage unique massage for a perfect shape

​Use this remedy to provide the most suitable form to your nose. This method is even more applicable when you have a large, out of proportion nose. I have tried this one many times. So, what I do is press the tip of the nose carefully with my index finger and stretches it upward. This also helps in getting a sharp nose tip.

​Does applying pressure to the nose cartilage actually works?

​Well, the answer to this question is somewhat controversial. It actually depends on us that how we perform the exercises and how sincerely we take the task. I firmly believe that implementing the massages in the right way highly make a difference, especially when it comes to avoiding opposite consequences.

Also, if asked about safety, the tactics and strategies to reshape nose cartilage with pressure do not guarantee that it will be safe and sound all the time. Well, as a non-professional, what I need to ensure in the first place is sticking to the appropriate tactics and being very specific about the same.

The nose is a sensitive part of the face, and it requires the utmost attention and care. It is vital that you are confident about the method you are applying and find out if it actually suits you.

For instance, even though I was following a home-based practice, I preferred checking from an expert before attempting the procedure by myself. I had gone to a registered massage therapist to know about the actual pros and cons of this method before starting. I highly recommend the same to you as well.

​Why is the method of pressure better than that of the surgery?

Well, nose surgery is definitely one of the top choices often opted by individuals in the glamour world. However, people tend to avoid it because of several adverse reasons. Going for surgery might be a fast solution to your problem, but there are plenty of side effects of opting for the later part.

There was a time when I also thought of going for surgery because I was pretty insecure about the structure and proportion of my nose that affected the look of my entire face.

But I found out by having a talk with many of the patients who had already undergone surgery, that the process might bring post-surgery effects like permanent scars or marks, destruction of tiny tissues and blood vessel or nerves. These effects also pose long-term threats to your

​Is the procedure applicable after a certain age?

​This is quite a common question in the minds of aged persons, and the answer is yes. However, I believe that there are ample conditions attached to it. To break it down more precisely, the texture of the skin, skin surface flexibility profoundly matters.

Many people have the type of skin and nose structure that helps them achieve their goals way faster than others. Like, my skin texture is a median that can be considered in-between normal to dry. If you have too much dry or any other type of texture, the only difference would be the amount of time.

The texture of the skin does not make any significant difference but shall only make the process a bit more time-consuming.

​Some additional quick tips to reshape your nose safely

​There are always some extra tips to make your effort on reshaping a nose tip or cartilage is effective and here are some of the suggestions that I highly recommend for you as well.

  • ​Keep your nails short and filed.
  • ​Use a good massage cream to avoid wrinkles
  • ​Do not overdo the exercise


​However, all said and done, it is essential that you follow only one particular reshape method out of the variety that best suits you keeping the above criteria in mind. Stop the practice and see a therapist or professional in case of any problem. Hope this helps!

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