How To Stop A Pimple From Growing/Getting Bigger?

How To Stop A Pimple From Growing/Getting Bigger?

​Pimples are the worst skin problems and a common phenomenon among teenagers. Waking up in the morning to find a new pimple on the forehead is the worst nightmare for any young person.

If you have happily chosen a beautiful dress to attend that long awaited party, a pimple on your face can be enough to dampen all your plans and of course your otherwise chirpy spirit.

As a pimple starts to appear most of us are sure that in a few days it would grow bigger and would not go before a week or two. Moreover, this is painful and irritating physically and emotionally.

But I was wondering how to stop a pimple from growing or getting bigger and the necessary steps that can prevent a pimple from growing any further. When I went through brief research, I came out with the result that by adopting effective remedies, it is possible to stop a newly grown pimple from getting into a full blown pimple.

Whether it is a small red spot or is not a fully formed pimple, it is always better to take steps that would help to stop a pimple from becoming bigger.

Effective Steps to Stop a Pimple from Growing

​Do not pick them out

​Previously, I used to pop a pimple out of irritation and pain, but later on, learned with experience that this is the one thing that I should not do with my pimples.

Whatever be the situation, touching, popping, picking a pimple is a big ‘no'. This action would only spread the infection as the pus touching the areas alongside the affected skin. Simply let it be.

​Salicylic acid based products should be your choice

​While knowing about how to stop a pimple in its tracks, I cannot give up following the cleanser, moisturizers and toner routine at the end of the day.

But when using these products, I make it a point that all my skin care products contain Salicylic acid. It helps a pimple to subside and result in rapid healing of the same.

So, I carefully buy the products that are the ideal ones to be used for my acne-prone skin.

​Need to maintain a clean face

​As soon as I notice a pimple on my face, I make it a point to keep my face clean to prevent extra pores clogging up. Oil, dirt, and other contamination will intensify a pimple and contribute to its becoming bigger.

​Avoid wearing makeup

​Apart from cleaning my face, I also prefer using makeup that keeps me away from pore-clogging on my face. When I have to attend a party or an official function I cannot imagine my stepping out without putting on my foundation or concealer to hide blemishes.

But it is said that it is better not to use these products when a pimple is about to appear. When I try to hide a pimple, it is actually clogging the pores more and eventually hampering the recovery procedure of the acne.

I need to put on some makeup to distract myself from a pimple on my face, and therefore, I rely on gorgeous eye makeup and some gloss to takeaway attention from that pestering prick on my face.

​Ice cubes are saviors

​Wrapping ice cubes in a clean soft cloth, rubbing gently on the affected area helps a lot in controlling the pimple growth. This also helps to reduce the redness of a pimple. I prefer to repeat the process twice or thrice in a day to get better results.

​Hot water compress

​Warm compress over the affected area is also another alternative to treat acne. I take a clean piece of cloth and dip it in hot water. After squeezing out the excess water, gently press it on the acne. Let it rest after the hot water compress.

​Never forget sunscreen

​I remember that I mentioned about skipping any makeup or face product on your face when acne is on its way. That does not include your protection against sunrays.

I never forget to apply my oil free sunscreen when I am heading out for a sunny outing. If you don’t follow this simple protection routine, then pimples will eventually grow to full size with lot of redness.

​Apply some oil

​Among all essential oils available in the market, I love the results I got with tea tree oil. This is the ideal and easy remedy when it comes to treating pimples. Apply a few drops of this oil on the affected area and leave it untouched for some time.

​Benzoyl peroxide

​This is another topical treatment that I often use for desist growth of facial acne. The basic task of this treatment is to dry out a pimple and thus prevents it from turning bigger.

​Skincare routine

​It goes without saying that it is essential to follow a proper skincare regime that would give utmost protection to the skin. Provide adequate moisture to the face.

​Do you have any idea about how these pimples are formed?

​With millions of tiny pores on the outer layer of the face, the hair follicles work as a connection between the surface of the skin and the underlying sebaceous glands. Sebum, which is a kind of oil, is produced by this gland and it is released in small amounts continuously.

If this oil is produced in excess it results in clogging of the pores. Apart from this, there is also a possibility of nodular or cystic acne. These are the difficult ones, and a doctor would be the best to treat such problems.

Thus, I prefer going through these above-mentioned remedies to stop a pimple from getting bigger and making the situation worse. Sometimes I feel helpless even after using the above-mentioned steps and I am not able to stop a pimple from becoming bigger.

Without any further delay, I pay a quick visit to my dermatologist.  It may happen that due to other unknown skin issues, the home remedies fail to prove effective on your skin. In such cases it is best to meet the expert than to repent later.

​Wrapping it up

​Apart from makeup, irregular sleeping patterns and inadequate food habits can also contribute to the growth of pimples. Oily food should be totally avoided if you love to flaunt an acne-free skin. It comes to simple thing that you need to protect your skin pores from getting clogged.

Be careful in buying skin products. It is mandatory to be careful as using a wrong product can result in unwanted skin conditions. Know your skin type, eat right food, exercise regularly and use products right for your skin to stay acne-free and beautiful.

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