Sun Poisoning - FAQS

Sun Poisoning – FAQS

Sun Poisoning FAQ

How can I tell if I have sun poisoning or just a really bad sunburn?

Both sunburn and sun poisoning are two different conditions. Sun poisoning is an allergic reaction that occurs due to UV rays when you are out without any protection.

It leads to more severe symptoms in comparison to sunburn like the formation of hives or rashes on skin, blisters, dehydration, headache, and fever along with chills.

 Sunburn occurs when you are exposed for longer durations of time to UV rays and causes redness, swelling, itchiness, and tenderness of the skin.

The more severe condition leads to flu-like conditions. Badly burned areas swell leading to easy bruising in life.

Symptoms are the only factors that can help you determine whether you are sun poisoned or having a bad sunburn.

Is Sun Poisoning Considered Contagious?

Sun poisoning is rather not contagious. It is photo-dermatitis that depends on the sensitivity of the skin and also on how long you have been in the sun with or without protection.

You can be more susceptible to sun poisoning if you have eaten in a long while or if you are somehow struggling to maintain your blood pressure. It depends from person to person.

Basically, there are no medicals proofs that reveal that sun poisoning is contagious, the only thing that has to be taken care of is that if you face blistering symptoms or feel tired or fatigued take medical help.

If the symptoms are tolerable you can go for home remedies such as the application of Aloe Vera gel, cold compression with water, milk, ice, drinking electrolytes, the best part above all is protection by using a superior quality sunscreen with at least 6% zinc oxide.

How Can One Tell Whether They Have Sun/Heat Poisoning or Food Poisoning or Something Else?

All of them again differ symptoms wise. Generally, sun/heat poisoning is caused due to overexposure to the sun, while food poisoning is caused due to ill effects of food.

It’s very important to know the symptoms to realize what sort of poisoning you are having.

Sun or heat poisoning develops only after some time of exposure to the sun or heat. People with fair skin, elderly people and kids are generally prone to such type of poisoning while food poisoning is caused due to fussy eating. Its main symptoms are stomach, nausea, and diarrhea.

They can hit for a few hours or a day after you eat the food that causes the problem.

The former is caused to due to irritation on the skin while the later one is caused due to a problem inside the stomach.

So now you must be clear whether you are suffering from heat/sun poisoning, food poisoning or with something else.

Is Itching a Symptom of Sun Poisoning?

Some people experience an unpleasant condition after 5-6 days of sun poisoning known as itching.

Although only limited proofs are available for the same but people experiencing it find the condition miserable.

Many people experience it commonly on the neckline and the shoulders as these are the areas that are exposed to the sun a lot.

Some of them describe itchiness as a deep throb and find it very hard to treat.

Other describe it as though fire ants are crawling and biting all over the affected area.

Whatever be the sensation itching commonly called as “hells itch” depends from person to person, can be severe in some while may not be severe in others.

Is it bad to Peel Sunburns?

Your sunburn is finally out if it is really so and on its last stage if you see peels coming off. But is it good to peel them?

Many of them feel the urge to pull off the dead skin but stop! This can harm you because the skin does not peel at the same rate. 

If you peel the sun burns, the redness and swelling may increase, say some dermatologists.

Peeling usually lasts for about 2-4 days and goes off on its own depending on the severity of the burn.

There is no way to prevent peeling, so it is better not to scratch the skin and let it peel off on its own.

Besides you can speed the peeling by using some home remedies such as the application of an oatmeal paste or skimmed milk.

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