Sun Poisoning In Toddlers (Symptoms & Treatment )

Sun Poisoning In Toddlers (Symptoms & Treatment )

Sun Poisoning In Toddlers

Almost all of us are affected by the harmful UV rays of the sun, particularly toddlers.

You got that right!

Skin of toddlers is more sensitive in comparison to adults and not every lotion can be used on their skin, thus one has to be more careful while going out in the sun with little ones.

FACT: Since toddler’s skin is very sensitive, many of them end up with sunburn and ultimately skin poisoning even if they are exposed for 15-30 minutes in the sun without any adequate protection.

What more?

Children are not able to tell and discuss their problems they are facing, so you have to be extra careful while taking them outside.

Over-exposure to sunlight before the age of 18 is most damaging to the skin.

So what can be the possible symptoms your child can experience while he/she is experiencing sun poisoning?

  • Redness
  • Rashness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Blisters
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Nausea
  • Dry skin
  • Peeling
  • List Element

Generally you don’t need to seek any medical attention or go to your paediatrician for a simple burn but yes if your child is suffering from pain, vomiting and feeling lethargy you should definitely visit a good paediatrician.

How to Prevent Sun Poisoning In Toddlers

Toddlers or children of any age should be protected from the effects of the UV rays, you can adopt the following measures to do so:

Keep them away from the sun especially in the middle part of the day when the rays of the sun are most intense.

If it is important to go, use sunscreens especially recommended for toddlers particularly SPF 30 or some higher one. Apply it before 30 minutes before going out in the sun. Reapply it many times during the day.

Always make your child wear full sleeves clothes, cover each and every part of the body, feet and toes too so that the harmful rays cannot damage the skin.

You can also use UPF rated clothing.

The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends the use of sunscreen only on small areas of skin of toddlers particularly face and hand and advises you to cover most part of their body with clothes.

Also test the sunscreen you are using on a small part of the skin just for safety issues. Also note the ingredients the sunscreen is having to avoid skin irritation. Make sure that the sunscreen you are using for your toddler is waterproof.

Your baby’s sunburns and allergy are painful but they are a matter of concern too because they increase the risk of child’s lifetime risk of developing melanoma the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Sun Poisoning Remedies For Your Toddlers

In spite of adopting precautions sun poisoning can happen.

What’s next?

The question arises what safe and secure measures should be adopted so that sun poisoning can be treated without harming their skin further. Here are some of them:

Give your child some cool compression, take a wet cloth and gently dab it on the affected area.

Take Aloe Vera gel and apply it to your child’s skin, it shall give quick relief.

You can also use a good quality topical cream.

Hypo-allergic creams also play a good role in soothing skin poisoning.

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