Can You Get Sun Poisoning From A Tanning Bed?

Can You Get Sun Poisoning From A Tanning Bed?

Tanning Bed Sun Poisoning

Tanning beds or sunbed or solarium are devices that emit UV rays to produce a cosmetic tan.

These are generally found in gyms, spas, hotels and sports places and less often at homes and private places. These have UV bulbs fitted inside and are used for indoor tanning.

Sun Poisoning and Tanning Beds

Just like the UV rays of the sun, tanning beds also emit a good amount of UV rays. Some of the people advocate that using tanning beds is a good source of vitamin D and is better than outdoor tanning.

But it is not so!

UV rays are harmful rays emitted by the sun or any other artificial source, sometimes the burning is severe and leads to allergy-like symptoms including sun poisoning.

Sun Tanning Fact

Tanning bed emits 12 times more UVA light than the natural sunlight.

Think which one is more harmful and which one can cause sun poisoning?

Although most of them are of the view that tanned skin is healthy looking skin but have ever thought what matters a lot….beauty or health?

Of-course health is the major concern for most of them.

Thus by shedding light to some of the dangers of what tanning beds can actually cause other than sun poisoning, we hope to change your perception towards the use or limit the use of tanning beds.

What is Tan?

It is a body’s response to the injury caused by the UV rays. People with indoor tan and those who frequently use tanning beds are more likely to get sunburned.

If they do not limit their use, they are likely to get sun poisoned. Every time you get exposed to the UV rays whether from the sun or through tanning beds, you are at higher risk of getting the internal layers of the skin damaged.

Unlike sun tanning what other harms does tanning beds can cause, let’s have a look:

  • Wrinkles and age spots
  • Change in the colour and texture of skin
  • Causes blind eye disease if proper protection is not used
  • Sunburning and ultimately skin poisoning
  • Increased risk of getting skin cancer including melanoma

Almost all of us are aware what damage sun can cause on our skin but our understanding of the risks associated with tanning beds has developed slowly.


Because they are recently-developed devices, it is an innovation that most of them find better than natural sunlight.

A study done in the year 1990 has shown evidence between tanning bed, sun poisoning and skin cancers caused due to them.

In the year 2002, National Cancer Institute stated that tanning beds/indoor tanning is associated with 50% increase in the risk of basal cell carcinoma and 100% increase in the risk of squamous cell carcinoma, damage that is greater than the damage caused by UV rays from the sun.

However if you get sunburns on your skin from tanning beds, you can treat them in the same way as you treat the sun allergy experienced from the sun.

  • Apply Aloe Vera and oatmeal paste
  • Drink lots of water
  • Apply lotion so as to reduce cracking, peeling and dryness
  • Take baking soda bath after using a tanning bed
  • Avoid taking hot water bath as it may further irritate your skin
  • Also avoid the use of sunscreens while using tanning beds as they are not meant for it
  • Take rest as your skin rejuvenates while sleeping
  • Take rest as your skin rejuvenates while sleeping
  • Take rest as your skin rejuvenates while sleeping
  • Take rest as your skin rejuvenates while sleeping
  • Take rest as your skin rejuvenates while sleeping
  • Try to use less tanning beds or use a bed that emits less intense UV radiations

Sunlight is always a good source of vitamin D, it is also very important for the metabolism of the body, however UV rays whether from the sun or from tanning beds are equally harmful to the body.

So to stay away from sunburns, sun poisoning and cancers it is better to limit the use of tanning beds.

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